Jun 04, 2021


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False Accuser Feminist Charged With Perjury For Lying Under Oath As Her Rape Lie Is Exposed By Security Cameras Which Revealed She Had Consensual Sex On A Bus

A false accuser feminist woman was charged with falsely accusing a bus driver of rape, judicial perjury and the fabrication of false evidence.

The 21-year-old woman was been released on bail after she was charged with falsely accusing a bus driver of rape.

Police inspectors Joseph Busuttil and Christabelle Chetcuti told magistrate Neville Camilleri that police had received a false report from the lying woman claiming that she had been raped by a bus driver .

The police had investigated the case and had seen CCTV footage from inside the bus, provided by Malta Public Transport, which had captured the incident in its entirety. The early morning encounter was “clearly consensual,” the court was told and the bus had not been in service at the time.

The scumbag woman was charged with accusing the driver of the crime despite knowing him to be innocent, as well as judicial perjury and the fabrication of false evidence.

Lawyer Giannella De Marco entered a plea of not guilty on the girl’s behalf. The court turned down the defence’s request to order a ban on the publication of the name of the accused.

Bail was granted against a deposit of €1,500 and a personal guarantee of €10,000.

Read more; https://www.maltatoday.com.mt/news/court_and_police/71697/cctv_of_steamy_bus_encounter_shows_zabbar_rape_victim_lied_under_oath_court_hears#.YLKqbn1Ki00

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