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False Accuser Fraud Rachel Erin Soderblom Jailed For Lying About Fake Rape To Cover Up Consensual Rendezvous At Motel

The police came to his home at 3 a.m. They arrested him in front of his young son.

They told him the charge was first-degree criminal sexual conduct, an offence that could send him to prison for far longer than it would take his son to graduate from high school.

Decades could pass.

He opened his eyes wide. “What?” He recalls of his reaction.

It wasn’t until later, after his arraignment, that he pieced it all together. A woman he said he had met for consensual sex at a motel was falsely accusing him of rape, and he was powerless, wrongfully jailed on one of society’s most abhorred crimes.

If not for an attorney who listened, a detective who immediately checked his story and a prosecutor’s office willing to dismiss his case, he believes he might still be there.

Rachel Erin Soderblom, 34, was jailed for falsely reporting a felony, an offence punishable by a maximum prison sentence of four years. Initially she spent less than a day in jail and was released on a a $2,500 personal recognisance bond.

The innocent man she wrongly accused is back home with his family. He has returned to work. He is refocused, changed. “I’m trying to get over it,” he said one night while sitting at a table with his wife, who was supportive despite the infidelities Soderblom’s case revealed.

He is grateful to his lawyer, Susan Dehncke, and Blackman-Leoni Township public safety Detective Joseph Merritt, who quickly corroborated his side of the story. The charge was dismissed.

He knew Soderblom from a McDonald’s restaurant, where she had worked as a manager. They agreed to meet. They had sex, he said. “The only thing I was wrong for was cheating on my wife,” said the man, who wanted to remain anonymous. He is worried about his reputation and his employment.

People hear a person is accused of rape and they tend to remember. There are stereotypes, a stigma. “People don’t care to believe you,” the man’s wife said.
Allegedly because she is a lesbian and had not previously had sex with a man, Soderblom falsely reported an unknown man attacked her from behind, according to police reports. There was even a short news story. The man didn’t see it or have any idea she contacted police. He and Soderblom didn’t talk again.
He was arrested, given the name of his accuser, he denied knowing her. He told a reporter he did not recall the name. “It didn’t click until I was in the cell.” He spent about 16 days, including Christmas and the New Year’s holiday, in the county jail. “A day is too long for something you didn’t do,” said the man.
Authorites found proof of Soderblom renting a room and determined the vehicle associated with the room belonged to the man and his wife, according to the police report. Further, they talked to an employee at McDonald’s, where Soderblom had worked. The woman said she introduced Soderblom and the man last year and they were regularly talking. She said Soderblom often told “wild, outlandish stories.”

Investigator Merritt took the information he had gathered back to Soderblom. She at first maintained versions of her original claim. Instead of taking opportunities to tell the truth, “she continued to fabricate more and layers to the story,” Merritt wrote.

Eventually, as she was repeatedly confronted with inconsistencies and refutable statements, she made admissions, the police report states. She conceded she knew the man. They had flirted, she said, and he contended he could “make her go straight,” the report states, recapping the interview with Soderblom.

The reasons for her alleged lies were not clear. Then living with her partner and girlfriend, she told Merritt she “went to a point where she never has before,” meaning sex with a man, Merritt wrote in his report. She said she generated the idea of a sexual assault because there had been a recent break-in in her neighbourhood. She figured no one would question an attack and authorities would never make an arrest, the police report states.

The man’s wife said. “(Soderblom) needs to pay for what she did, for sure.”  When the police came to their house, the woman worried someone was dead. People, as they do, started talking. There were rumors. She was embarrassed to leave her home. She knew her husband was not a rapist, but she was concerned. What else didn’t she know?
His wife accepted his collect calls from jail, racking up $250 in charges. She considered taking out a loan against her house to free him, but she wasn’t pleased with his behavior. Forgiveness was a progressing effort.

When confronted, Soderblom continued to lie about what happened, according to a police report, but she eventually conceded she fabricated the rape.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas Wilson sentenced Soderblom to 100 days in jail and 2 1/2 years of probation for falsely reporting a felony, a crime that sent an innocent man to jail for 16 days. Thirty days was recommended by the department that examined her history and the details of her offence; the judge found this insufficient, Berkemeier said.

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