Mar 28, 2021


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False Accuser Sicko Claire Morgan Jailed For 30 Months For Lying About A Fake Sexual Assault In Order To Frame An Innocent Male Taxi Driver

False accuser sicko Claire Morgan (35), of Wildmill, Bridgend, was sentenced to 30 months imprisonment at Cardiff Crown Court. She pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing.

The court heard that Morgan called South Wales Police reporting that she had been sexually assaulted by a male taxi driver in Bridgend three days before.

She provided a statement to officers giving a detailed description of the taxi journey and the suspect. The incident was investigated and led to the arrest and interview of a taxi driver.

The taxi driver was released on bail with conditions and due to his occupation his taxi licence was suspended with immediate effect meaning his only source of income for himself and his family was removed.

The court heard that Morgan during the investigation made a false Facebook profile claiming to have witnessed the incident in response to a police media appeal. She also called Crime-stoppers pretending to be a witness to the incident.

The investigating officer identified evidential difficulties during the investigation and after six weeks, the taxi driver was informed that he was no longer under investigation and released with no further action.

As a result of information supplied to Detective Constable Steve Gunney of Barry CID, the investigation changed in direction as it was suspected Morgan had made a false allegation of sexual assault.

Judge Eleri Rees when passing sentence stated that the defendant had wasted a considerable amount of police time and resources. She added that the victim had spent six hours in police custody and was not able to work for around seven weeks while under investigation.

Detective Constable Steve Gunney said: “Claire Morgan went to great lengths to ensure her version of events was believed and her actions will have wasted valuable police time which could have been far better spent seeking justice for genuine victims. Her allegations also had a devastating impact on the man she accused. I hope she uses her time in prison to reflect on the harm her lies have caused.

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