Oct 27, 2020


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Feminist Cheats On Husband, Has Baby With Lover & Tells Husband It’s His Child; He Finds Out And Divorces Her, Yet He Still Has To Pay Child Support & Alimony After Divorce Because Corrupt Family Court Ordered It

A corrupt Finnish family court decided that a man has to pay alimony for a child which is not biologically his, and was the result of his wife cheating on him with another man. The Helsinki court of appeals chose to uphold the verdict set forth by a district court earlier this year.

The man’s wife had given birth to the child in 2014, but it wasn’t until two years later that it became known that he was not the biological father of the child. This resulted in the couple’s divorce; the man applied to have his paternity obligations scrapped and was denied.

The mother of the child sued her ex for alimony, and the court had ruled that he is obliged to pay alimony totalling €308 ($360 dollars) per month until the child comes of age in 2032 as well as for the legal costs of the cheating wife who had taken him to court.

The case has sparked a social media uproar, with many Finns finding the ruling unjust, siding with the man and demanding a defence of men’ rights.

Read the full story here; https://sputniknews.com/society/202010191080812867-outrage-as-finnish-court-orders-man-to-pay-alimony-for-child-that-resulted-from-his-wife-cheating/

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