Jul 05, 2021


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Feminist Creep College Student Sundas Naqvi Falsely Accused Professor Of Offering Better Grade In Exchange For Sex, Then Tried To Destroy Evidence Of Her Lie By Threatening Witness At Knifepoint

Champaign County (Illinois) charged Sundas Naqvi and a male friend with “felony counts of aggravated battery and aggravated unlawful restraint of another person” after they allegedly held her ex-boyfriend at knifepoint.

Naqvi’s ex isn’t the man she accused, however. That would be her former professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Joseph Petry. Her ex simply had the evidence that undermined Naqvi’s claims against Petry.

She was in his economics class – unbeknownst to Petry, he claims, since he has at least 1,000 students each semester. They met on a social media platform and exchanged photos and “communications of a social nature” nine months after her class ended. The photos were her idea, and she suggested Snapchat. He still didn’t know she was a former student, Petry claims.

Naqvi didn’t get an A in his class, and when she met Petry in his office, she tried to convince him to retroactively change her grade or give her an A if she retook the class. He refused. Months later, she accused him of offering to improve her grade in exchange for sex, first anonymously on Reddit and then publicly on Facebook.

The police said Petry’s accuser, Summer Sundas Naqvi, deleted information from her former boyfriend’s computer and phone while her friend allegedly held a knife to the ex-boyfriend’s throat. The ex-boyfriend wasn’t physically hurt, and he told the police he believed the information Naqvi was after related to her harassment complaint against Petry.

Naqvi brought her friend William Farrell to her ex’s apartment. Farrell demanded that the ex delete his Reddit account, and had a “folding knife” in a hip holster. The ex grabbed the knife and threw it aside but Naqvi gave it back to Farrell, who held the ex at knifepoint “while Naqvi deleted files from his computer and cellphone,” according to state’s attorney Julia Rietz.

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