Jan 29, 2021


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Feminist Debra Lafave Raped An Underage Boy But Faced No Jail Time As Gender Bias Judge Agreed With Her Lawyer Who Deemed Her Too Pretty For Prison

America’s most famous sex offender feminist Debra Lafave: young, blond, and in the words of her lawyer, too pretty for prison.

When the prosecution in Florida dropped charges against Debra Lafave, a former teacher who admitted to raping a boy who was then 14 years old, they reignited a debate about whether society is willing to tolerate sexual misconduct if the aggressor is female and, as in Lafave’s case, attractive.
Lafave is the most recent in a series of high-octane cases of sexual abuse involving female teachers and their pupils, and the leniency of her treatment in America’s legal system has provoked accusations of a double standard – not least from her ex-husband, Owen Lafave, who is produced a documentary film on such relationships.
In Lafave’s case, charges were dismissed because the victim’s mother did not want to put her son through a trial that, given America’s current fascination with sexual abuse, was bound to become a staple of tabloid television. “I’m his mom and I couldn’t protect him when it came time to what she did to him. I can protect him now,” she told a Tampa television station. She said she was relieved her son would be spared from testifying. “Every word that came out of his mouth, every detail that was presented, would have been terrible for him.”