May 25, 2021


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Feminist Hypocrite Political Creep Rhiannon Spear Cowers & Deactivates Her Trash Twitter Page After Backlash From Her Hate Comments Towards The British Public

A feminist hypocrite SNP creep cowered, apologised and deactivated her trash Twitter account as she faced backlash after writing on social media that Scotland hates the UK.

Rhiannon Spear, the corrupt party’s national women’s convener, made the comment on Twitter after the UK failed to gain any points in the final of the Eurovision song contest.

Viewers took to Twitter to give their reaction to the result, which saw the UK’s entry in the competition come in last.

Many expressed the opinion that the outcome reflected the low regard in which Britain is held following the decision to leave the European Union.

Foolish Spear sparked controversy online yet again when she wrote on Twitter: “It’s ok Europe, we hate the United Kingdom too.”

She added the following morning after other people raised concerns about the post; “The UK has a billionaire Chancellor who won’t give NHS staff a fair pay rise during a global pandemic.”

She also said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is “more interested in lining the pockets of his Tory donors than feeding hungry children”.

The idiot councillor added: “If this tweet offends you, have a word with yourself.”

Spear’s comments led to criticism from both Yes and Pro-Union supporters.

Yesser Ariel Killick wrote: “Wtf Rhiannon, this is appalling – I’ve given speeches at multiple indy rallies and I’d never say so something so irresponsible even if you’re joking, not that it’s actually clear you are.

“This is very poor leadership at any level of responsibility & representation.”

Another responded: “Goodness me! How very childish.”

Thomas Kerr, a Tory councillor in Glasgow, responded: “Rhiannon, you’re the chair of Glasgow City Council education committee. Not really setting a good example to our young people, are you? We should be teaching tolerance and inclusion, not hate and division.”

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