Feminist Liar Lauren Pearson Made False Rape Accusation And Had Innocent Man Cesar Lopez Arrested, However She Was Caught Lying And Charged With Filing A False Police Report

A male Coker University student is suing after he was wrongfully arrested and temporarily suspended from the school after he was falsely accused of sexual assault. The student, Cesar Lopez, filed a lawsuit against the city of Hartsville, South Carolina, the Hartsville police department, and three officers. He also filed a lawsuit against the university and multiple individuals. The case was dismissed by Lopez’s attorneys who then filed an amended complaint.

The lawsuit stems from an incident between Cesar Lopez and a lying feminist student named Lauren Pearson. The two students had a sexual encounter in a residence hall bathroom. The amended complaint, according to SC Now, says Pearson left the encounter to laugh and joke with her friends. She claimed to police that she ran from the bathroom and quickly left the residence hall.

Pearson told two law enforcement officials that she had been raped. Lopez’s lawsuit alleges inconsistencies in Pearson’s claim. She told an officer that she ran from the bathroom before Lopez. The complaint alleges Pearson told her friends that Lopez left first.

Lopez says he was then warrantlessly arrested by Hartsville police – before the case was even assigned to a detective or any investigation took place. Lopez alleges a warrant for his arrest was issued later and he was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping.

Cesar Lopez alleges he informed a police officer about Pearson’s previous false accusations but that they were ignored prior to the student’s arrest. Pearson was arrested for filing a false report but was released on a $10,000 surety bond.

Lope was reinstated to Coker but is still suing, alleging his reinstatement took place two days after the university learned the allegations were false. Despite this horrible lying witches actions. she basically goes forward  unscathed, whereas the man must live with the stigma of the false allegation for a lifetime even though it was lie!

Read the full story here; https://www.dailywire.com/news/she-claimed-he-raped-her-and-he-was-arrested-she-was-soon-charged-with-filing-a-false-police-report