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Feminist Predator “Judy Murray” Plays A Sinister Game In Her “Sunday Post” Article Hyping Creepy Myles Bonnar’s Demonisation Of Straight Men!

Judy Murray wrote an awful article titled; “Predators Play A Sinister Game” bigging up creepy sleaze reporter Myles Bonnar. Judy should write an article about how her washed-up has-been son Andy is playing at best a mediocre game – mediocrity must run in the family. Feminist predator Judy’s sinister article for sham newspaper “The Sunday Post” (in Newcastle – not London!) is a horrible piece of disgusting journalism from the mind of a brain-washed radical feminist!

Mucky Murray starts her article by stating; “BBC reporter Myles Bonnar’s film exposing horrible practices of pick-up coaches was a sad reminder that we still have men treating women like prey, making a business out of it.” You are a sucker Judy! Bonnar’s prejudicial witch-hunt flopumentary (not film) was designed to unfairly demonise straight men who actually help other vulnerable men to become confident and gain a better romantic life. And of course, they would charge for such a noble service! No women were mistreated or “treated like prey,” there are numerous women who testify to this.

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The actual “exposure of horrible practices” is applicable to the slimy Scottish mainstream media, who have no scruples or fairness – they only report bias liberal propaganda (and outright lies) designed to push their agenda and increase sales whilst totally deceiving the general public! Myles Bonnar is a sexually jealous creep; his motives are to defame normal heterosexual men (who date women he can’t date) and to advance his no-go career.

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Jaded Judy Murray continued; “to these individuals it is both a game and money-spinner in which they coach under-confident students in how to chat up females, some just teenagers, and lure them to bed.” With this statement Judy Murray proves beyond a shadow of a doubt she is an incompetent reporter and an idiot! Firstly the “teenagers” she refers to are over the legal age of consent for sexual relations in the UK – they are not underage! All sex is consensual, no one is lured, they go along willingly. Secondly, how about you actually research (from your own efforts) what the seduction industry is and you will see the benefits and countless happy relationships it produces (the “students” themselves testify to this)!

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Thirdly, how did you meet your husband Judy – did you approach him? Or did he take the onus upon himself like most masculine straight men and engage in the mating dance (or game) with you?! Not everyone can play Tennis like your son (who has dire communication skills) and let the gold-diggers rinse them dry! Judy’s robotic sheep-like beliefs come from the herd-mentality thinking of most social justice morons these days (i.e.. Twitter, TV, radio, newspapers). The Twitter obsessed OAP even recently confessed to needing a “detox” from Social Media – the very place her unconscious warped and shallow ethics spawn from!

Sinister Judy continued; “coaches videoing exploits and sharing them online is horrific.” Stop whining Judy Murray you alarmist fool. This is no different from how media hypocrites like you and sleazy Myles Bonnar film people without their consent and post/broadcast it. What’s “horrific” is Murray and Bonnar don’t conceal the identities of the people they demonise for personal gain – these coaches at least did protect the identities of the females they interacted with. And Judy how are other’s supposed to learn if there are no video examples?! Ultimately – this is not illegal under UK law Judy. You seem to have more of a problem with the law, rather than an actual valid issue (apart for man-hating like a bitter feminist clown).

Delusional Judy continued; “perhaps in this age of reality TV and YouTube where sex is openly discussed and disposable, people find entertainment in things we wouldn’t have done in the past.” Judy the PUA community has been around since the early 90’s, you make no sense! What’s wrong with openly discussing sex? Why make it something to feel guilty about and to be ashamed of?! If you want to talk about a modern problem then talk about the cancel-culture bullying that takes place on Twitter towards people who choose to exercise free speech outside of the madness of virtue-signalling rhetoric, and the fakes who shame and bully others in the name of “equality.”

Puppet Murray continued; “it’s all about the hunt and chase and less about basic humanity.” This is rubbish; it’s about teaching real male-female dynamics from scientific and psychological evidence, not the gender-neutral crap you believe in Judy, which has no scientific backing to it at all. Horrid Judy continued; “there is sinister side to their work that women and girls need to be protected from and maybe prepared for.” Judy you make this idiotic comment without explaining what females need to be “protected from.” These men adore women, so much so that they want to teach and learn how to properly seduce them. By shutting them down, females will just be left with uncalibrated oafs and metro-sexual softies. Yeah, you’re doing women and girls a real service Judy!

Moron Judy Murray continued; “just as we talk to kids about contraception, drugs and alcohol, this investigation suggests it’s also time to teach about defending themselves from being exploited and used.” Children should be taught this regardless Judy. However, no one was “exploited” or “used” by these coaches! If anything we should be teaching kids their methods in order for them to be clear, concise, confident, calibrated, charismatic communicators – who are not socially anxious, victim-mentality having social justice whiners that only communicate via screens and apps; that can’t speak their mind in fear of being judged, shunned or offending some nutter that gets their ethical perspective from social media/ mainstream media propaganda! Get a grip Judy – think independently and logically, you may make some sense if you do.

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