Nov 02, 2020


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Feminist Psychologist, Michele Deegan Shoots Her Seven-Year-Old Twin Daughters Dead, Then Commits Suicide Amidst Custody Battle With Her Ex

A 55-year-old psychologist; Michele Deegan from Washington state shot dead her seven-year-old twin daughters while they slept before turning the gun on herself.  The tragic murder-suicide unfolded in Sudden Valley, according to the County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies performing a welfare check at the family’s home discovered the bodies of 55-year-old Michele Boudreau Deegan and her daughters after a person living in the multi-level residence reported that they were dead.  An initial investigation revealed that Deegan had been embroiled in a custody dispute over the children, which was believed to be her primary motive in the shootings.

On the day of the shootings, Deegan shared a number of articles about ‘narcissists’ on her professional and personal Facebook pages – including several related to parenting and a few about how people in relationships with narcissists can be driven to suicide.

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