Feminist Rights vs Transgender Rights: Piers Morgan Exposes The Idiotic Contradictions Of “Woke” Culture

Piers Morgan got into a heated debate on Good Morning Britain with Labour MP Lisa Nandy on issues involving gender self-identification, transgender rights and feminist rights. Piers stated; “The battle is raging between women’s rights and transgender rights…this gets quite serious for the effect it has on women’s rights.”

He then asked, “how far do trans rights go against women’s rights?” Pushing for an answer he stated, “We’re talking about people self-identifying and competing.” Lisa then said; “We have to have proper rules but the idea you want to pit one group against another, it’s not good enough.”

Piers then went onto say; “I’m trying to defend women’s rights in a grotesquely unfair situation…what am I doing that’s so wrong?” She then replied; “You’re setting up a false war between women and trans rights.”

Piers was clear in saying he was “defending women’s rights.” whereas Lisa refused to answer a simple question and instead resorted to putting all the blame onto Piers because she was stumped.

Watch the full debate here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cf5JuJ-tdg

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