Aug 31, 2019


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Feminist Society Oppressing Young Girls By Limiting Their Choices In Priory School, Making Them Wear Gender Neutral School Uniforms

Priory School In The UK Bans Girls Wearing Skirts In The Name of Gender Neutrality

Priory School in Lewes updated it’s uniform policy in 2017 which included a rule dictating all students must wear trousers. The school banned pupils from wearing skirts as part of its newly-introduced gender-neutral uniform policy.

This updated policy was over “concerns” regarding the length of skirts worn at the school, and in order to cater for pupils who identified as transgender. It was decided that from September 2019, all Priory students are required to wear the updated uniform.

A petition has been launched on titled: “Stop Priory School from forcing everyone to wear trousers.” In the petition’s description its states; “forcing everyone to wear trousers is limiting choice, preventing people from having the ability to choose whether to wear a skirt or trousers and therefore preventing diversity.”

The petition currently has more than 200 signatures, with a target of 500.

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