Feminist Victoria Derbyshire Sacked From The BBC For Her Extremist Comments

Victoria Derbyshire has been sacked from the BBC for her radical feminist extremist hate speech and her discrimination against men.

The feminazi’s show on BBC Two is now ending, warped Victoria found out from The Times newspaper. The presenter has said she is “absolutely gutted,” and blamed budget cuts for her show being cancelled. She gushed on Twitter at how sad she was and how amazing her team is. Masculine men and feminine women across the UK rejoiced at the puppet-faced aged presenter being axed for being a sexist battle-axe. Her show slandered men regularly and was backed by bitter women’s rights groups.

Many maniacal feminist-terrorists followed Victoria Derbyshire for her reporting and have created a petition to bring her show back on air. However many other well-rounded people are pleased with the news that the prejudiced show is ending, they felt that Victoria has always had hatred for men and is disrespectful in many ways (ie. her defamation of innocent dating coach Addy Agame). We received comment from men’s rights groups about the hag presenter, they went as far as to label her “Victoria Derbyshite” for her extreme sexist views. 

Read the full story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51225087

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