Oct 16, 2020


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Feminist Who Falsely Accused K-Pop Star ‘Kim Hyung Jun’ Of Sexual Assault Sentenced To Only 8 Months In Prison

The self-proclaimed feminist who had falsely accused Kim Hyung Jun has been sentenced to only eight months in jail for levelling false charges against the singer and defaming him. Kim’s label SDKB issued a statement in this regard and said that he has been cleared of all charges.

SDKB also said that the case has come to a closure with the girl being sentenced to jail. The girl had raised the complaint in March 2019. In her complaint, she had said that she had met the singer 10 years ago [in 2009] and stated that he had sexually harassed her at her house. After she filed the lawsuit, Kim too decided to take legal action and filed a counter complaint. He refuted all claims against him and demanded the arrest of the girl for defaming him.

The court ruled in June 2019 that the girl’s lawsuit lacked evidence and rejected her sexual assault plea. But after one year and six months the court ruled that the girl was guilty of levelling false accusations against the singer. However, the court (on September 25) sentenced her to only eight months in prison, she should have got the same amount of time as he would have if he was wrongfully imprisoned!

Read the full story here; https://www.ibtimes.sg/girl-who-accused-kpop-star-kim-hyung-jun-sexual-assault-sentenced-8-months-jail-52039

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