Fraud ‘Bethany Roses’ Falsely Accuses Adnan Ahmed of Sexual Assault (On Instagram) To Gain Fame, Even Though She Has Never Met Him Before (NOTE – Adnan Ahmed Was Found Not Guilty / Innocent And Acquitted Of This False Allegation Of Sexual Assault)

Bethany Roses (as she is known on Instagram) has never met Adnan Ahmed, she saw a viral video defaming him online and decided to accuse him of a crime he did not commit (on Instagram), to become famous. There is video evidence proving his innocence!

Dating coach Adnan Ahmed faced a media scandal when BBC The Social reporter Myles Bonnar made a video about his business DWLF Game in January 2019. The video portrayed Ahmed (also known as Addy Agame) in a extremely negative light and spread lies about his self-help/dating business. Dishonest journalist Myles Bonnar did so to advance his career, despite Addy giving him a honest statement about his business, which Bonnar ignored.

The video went viral on Twitter, receiving over 3 million views in under a week causing aggressive women’s rights groups and the mainstream media to get involved as well as a few lacklustre MSP’s. These groups furthered The BBC Social video’s “Me Too” narrative causing an uproar and demanding the police to get involved.

This video did not give Ahmed an objective, honest review, it was total sensationalism. This caused a further avalanche of social media uproar with hecklers treating Addy like a demonic object rather than a human being. He was remanded in custody for talking to girls, this has never been seen or heard of before in the history of the Scottish justice system. The interactions were packaged as “section 38 breaches of the peace” to appease the Scottish press, two women’s rights groups and an unreasonable MSP – who all made accusations against Addy (in the form of opinions) which he was never charged for.

A wanna-be You Tuber called Bethany Roses saw this online media scandal and decided to falsely report that she was sexually assaulted, doing so on social media by revealing her own identity,  despite having never met Addy before – ever! Bethany Roses is a liar willing to ruin an innocent man’s life by falsely accusing him of a heinous crime he didn’t commit, to play the victim and gain fame. This is disgusting behaviour and her actions are criminal.

The fake charge of sexual assault was said to have took place on 5th November 2018. Ahmed was not there, there is video evidence of this. Ahmed appears in a time stamped video filmed by his girlfriend at the exact date and time of the false accusation. Bethany Roses blatantly lied to the police and contradicted her police statement on Instagram. Ahmed’s girlfriend took screenshots of this and sent the evidence to the police along with the alibi video proving Ahmed wasn’t there. Despite this, police and prosecutors chose to ignore the evidence. Ahmed’s girlfriend became a witness and had to go to court to testify to this, rather than the charge being dropped.

The authorities would have had to release Adnan Ahmed on bail if they had dropped the charge, which they could have done in January 2019. Instead they added it to the indictment despite Ahmed’s girlfriend’s police statement and alibi evidence. If they didn’t include these charges they would not be able to indict Ahmed – as the other charges are too small to do so. Additionally they could still convict Ahmed of this on a technicality through the jury process because of a Scottish Law called Moorov/ Collaboration – even though Ahmed has never ever met Bethany Roses before. Corroboration is when two or more independent parties make a similar complaint.

However, in Ahmed’s case no one who has made an accusation is an independent source, as everyone spoke to each other on social media through the Twitter feed of the BBC The Social video defaming Ahmed’s dating business. Evidence of this has been forwarded to Adnan Ahmed’s lawyer, who will attempt to use this in court if permitted to do so.

Adnan Ahmed’s girlfriend confirmed that Adnan was with her on the 5th November 2018. This is the same night Adnan had been falsely accused of committing an alleged sexual assault.  She  also provided evidence that Bethany Roses gave two different false accounts of events to police and on social media.

Adnan’s girlfriend testifies; “Adnan has no history of sexual offences/ convictions. He has been charged with sexual assault that was falsely alleged to have took place on the 05/11/2018, he was with me. If he was not with me that night I would have left him, however, I have chosen to stand by him because he was with me so I know for a fact he is innocent, he wasn’t even there! Adnan went to work that day and that night he picked me up from my flat. We were going to see the fireworks, but he was stuck in traffic, so we didn’t get a chance to go. I phoned a friend and spoke about how upset I was that we had missed the fireworks.

We went to his flat and stayed there the rest of the night. Adnan had a University presentation that week and I helped him research it. I took a video of him that night practising the whole presentation which I still have. It is dated 5th November 2018. We then went to bed as we both had to get up at 5:30am to leave for work. Adnan drove me to my workplace and then he went to work.

There is no evidence of this fake attack because it didn’t happen, Adnan has been falsely accused. Adnan has never met the girl that accused him. She said the incident happened on 05/11/2018 and she reported it after 10/01/2019 after the BBC Social video came out. She has given two different stories regarding the incident to the police and on social media. This Bethany Roses girl is fat, ugly and rude – Addy wouldn’t even talk to a girl that looks and acts like her, let alone touch her, he likes petite feminine girls!

Bethany claims to have broken her attackers’ nose and that a woman helped her. This claim was made on social media. Adnan doesn’t have any fractures on his nose and there is no medical history of this. His nose has never been broken during his lifetime and he is willing to do an x-ray to prove this. She told the police she just shouted at the attacker and called her mother. I have gave the police her social media posts also. She is a You Tuber looking to gain popularity, but a false accusation to jump on a media bandwagon is not the way to do this.”

Accusers Instagram posts

Video and Screenshot (Time and date stamped) of Adnan on the 5th Nov 2018

Watch Video here: 5th Nov video


This ridiculous chain of events resulting from Bethany Roses’ disgusting false allegations can be found in an indictment against Ahmed, which is a public document. The charge is worded as if a crime was committed, this is common practice in Scottish law when indictment’s are written. The law states if Bethany Roses is caught lying in court she can face years in prison. She was caught lying, except faced no legal action, this is the nature of the corrupt Scottish legal system, allowing lying accusers to walk free with no repercussions faced. The accuser’s police statement, indictment accusations and social media posts all contradict each other. Bethany Roses deleted the Instagram posts which show her clearly lying (the one’s we have included and the authorities already have) when she found out Ahmed’s girlfriend is providing alibi evidence of his innocence. However the evil scumbag Bethany still continued to shout on social media platforms revealing her own identity and blatantly lying despite being proven to be a lying perjurer!

Along with deleting her posts due to the panic of being found out, Bethany also moved country from Scotland to England immediately, before Ahmed’s trial was due to begin. The fake accusation she made of being felt up is worded on the indictment as “sexual assault or alternatively breach of the peace.” This is because Pat Calendar the Procurator Fiscal at the time of Ahmed’s initial arrest knew it did not happen as they had evidence to prove otherwise, however had to include the charge, because without it the document would not have had enough depth to be served as an indictment and Ahmed would have to been given bail or walked free. Thankfully Procurator Fiscal Pat Calendar has been replaced by a new P.F. as she has a compromised bias because she was influenced by Adnan’s unfair media scandal.

Bethany Roses is an falsifier and a liar. She has vocalised her use of alcohol, drugs and psychiatric medication for her various mental health issues on her social media. She falsely accused Addy Agame of a crime he didn’t do and she has never met him before – all for attention on social media, a sympathy vote and for some cheap fame. This is absolutely crazy and she deserves to be locked in prison for this criminal behaviour.

We were able to speak to Adnan Ahmed and ask him about his take on the fake accusation, Addy said; “I do not know this person, I have never met her before, this is all lies, I wasn’t there, on 5th November 2018 I was in Maryhill, not at Glasgow Green. This is the charge I was remanded for, I didn’t do it. This women Bethany Roses has never met me and I have never met her. She is lying, she seen the media hype and wanted to be a part of it, if she hadn’t made this false accusation I wouldn’t be on remand and the media would not have ran with the headline sexual assault. She is a dishonest person, she is the type of person that takes away from the credibility of real victims.”

Adnan continued, “Bethany Roses said the false allegation took place on 5th November 2018 at Glasgow Green at 9pm, so the police told me. I was with my girlfriend, my girlfriend wanted to go to a fireworks display, I didn’t, I was tired from working all day, I got to her flat in Firhill at 6:40pm it was too late to go due to traffic, we had an argument about this and my girlfriend was angry with me as she really wanted to go. We then went to my flat in Maryhill, my girlfriend was still angry about not going. We were staying at my place as we both had work the next day and shared a car. We cooked dinner, talked it out, smoothed things over, then she filmed me practising my college assessment as I learn by first writing, then recording audio and listening, then recording video and watching.”

Ahmed makes another important point, “If this false accusation had been made on any other date apart from on fireworks night, I would have no defence except my word. This is a landmark night in the UK, similar to Halloween. When police said I was being charged with this false allegation during the police interview on 10th January 2019, I was in complete shock, I had to stop the police interview in order to talk to my lawyers assistant. I told her straight away that I was with my girlfriend. This is on camera during the recorded police interview. My girlfriend has a time and date stamped video of me that night, showing I was in Maryhill with her. She submitted this to the Procurator Fiscal and the police, she also gave the police a statement confirming all the allegations were false. Again I was absolutely shocked to hear this at the police station in January, it’s a total lie, I have never met Bethany Roses in my life! I have never sexually assaulted anyone, I did not do this, I would not do such a thing, I wasn’t even there.”

Addy vented further; “After the initial shock I felt anger and disgust at Bethany Roses for doing such a horrible unforgivable criminal act. It’s not only the fact that I’ve been remanded in prison since January awaiting trial, my family and I have had to carry the burden of this false accusation being publicised in the media as if it were true. No matter the outcome of my trial, even when found innocent, my name will always be linked to this disgusting crime. Bethany Roses doesn’t care about this, she’s a horrible person, I will not rest until I see justice, even if it takes the rest of my life to do so.”

Adnan also said, “my girlfriend noticed Bethany Roses on Instagram revealing her own identity and making these false claims, after the police had charged me. I told my girlfriend that the police said that Bethany Roses told them  that she left the attacker by saying fuck off mate and then called her mum. My girlfriend told me Bethany Roses boasted on Instagram that she fought the attacker off and punched him breaking his nose. My nose has never been broken, I’m willing to get an x-ray to prove it. She has contradicted herself in her made-up stories to the police and on Instagram. Bethany Roses even attended a viper video line up and didn’t even identify me! That’s because we have never met. Bethany Roses reported this fake crime in January 2019 after the BBC Social video hype saying she recognised me, but couldn’t even I.D me in a identity parade. She didn’t report anything on 5th November 2018 which is the date she lied about the incident taking place, it’s because she made it up in January 2019. My girlfriend told me Bethany Roses is an aspiring You Tuber looking for fame. She is over weight and unattractive from what I’ve heard about her appearance. I don’t approach females that look like that – and I don’t sexually assault people, I never have and I never will.”

(NOTE – Adnan Ahmed was found not guilty and acquitted fully of this charge).

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