Jul 29, 2020


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French Council Admits Excessive Drive To Hire Women Created Gender Bias

Bourg-En-Bresse; a French council has been fined 90 thousand euros for appointing too many women. Four of the five senior jobs went to women breaching France’s public sector gender laws. The council was gobsmacked stating; “I think it’s comical to be punished for this reason. Not only do I stand by our appointments, I’m proud of having so many women in our management teams. ”

French laws state the ratio between men and women can’t be more than a 60/40 split for public sector jobs. People on Twitter were enraged with this gender bias by the French council. One man said; “It was inevitable that this would happen one day. It’s time we looked at people’s skills before looking at their gender.”

Watch the full story here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPyNkX_95Ds

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