Mar 22, 2021


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Gay Children’s Court Judge Brett Blomme Who Advocates For Trans Drag Queens To Read To Kids Is Caught With Child Pornography Showing Abuse Of Young Boys

A criminal complaint says Brett Blomme uploaded as many as 27 images and videos of male children being sexually abused

A Milwaukee County Children’s Court judge has been charged with seven counts of possessing child pornography showing the abuse of young boys.

Gay man Brett Blomme also recently served as president and CEO of Cream City Foundation, an LGBT advocacy group that sponsors Drag Queen Story Hour — a sick and controversial activity that’s been in the news in recent years in which trans drag queens read stories to young children in educational settings.

But some Drag Queen Story Hours have been under fire for things such as photos of children lying on top of a drag queen, a drag queen showing children how to twerk, and a drag queen in a mini skirt with an exposed crotch as children sat close by.

Blomme, 38, was arrested Tuesday, spent the night in jail, and made an initial appearance in a Dane County court Wednesday afternoon. He was released by 4 p.m, the conditions of his bond are that he cannot use social media or file-sharing services or have unsupervised contact with children except his own.

Each count carries a minimum mandatory sentence of 3 years and as much as 15 years in prison plus 10 years of supervised release.

The criminal complaint says sicko Blomme last fall uploaded as many as 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused using the messaging app Kik. The uploads occurred from a home he and his gay husband own in Cottage Grove, in Dane County, the paper added.

The gay pedo couple has two adopted children. Child Protective Services is involved with their current placement, defence attorney Christopher Van Wagner said during the hearing. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General David Maas. He argued for a $2,000 cash bail, that Blomme not be allowed to have a cellphone or any unsupervised computer use (except for with his attorney) and no unsupervised contact with any children, even his own.

But corrupt Court Commissioner Brian Asmus noted Blomme’s extensive contacts with the area, his lack of any criminal record and his gay husband’s interest in the couple’s children in deciding on lesser conditions for release.

A preliminary hearing was set for May 29.

Later Wednesday, the state Supreme Court announced it was suspending Blomme from any judicial duties, without pay, per the high courts “superintending and administrative authority” over all courts in the state.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children told investigators that a user called “DomMasterbb” used the Kik messaging and chat app to send suspected child pornography, the paper said, citing the criminal complaint.

Investigators tied the account to Blomme via his personal and work emails and searches were eventually conducted at his Cottage Grove home, another in Milwaukee, and at the judge’s chambers.

The complaint says Blomme also uploaded images at a friend’s home in Milwaukee, the paper noted, and the friend confirmed to investigators that Blomme was at his home on days that the friend’s internet service showed child pornography uploads by DomMasterBB.

Blomme last year was elected to the circuit court and in August began as a judge in Children’s Court in Wauwatosa, the Journal Sentinel said.

Blomme was the first openly gay person to run for judge in the county, the paper said, adding that one of his opponents in the 2020 election said Blomme should resign.

“It appears that there have likely been many lives ruined by his actions. I also feel terrible for the children and families that have appeared in his court during the brief time he has been on the bench,” Zach Whitney noted to the Journal Sentinel. “Words fail me here, but those children and families obviously deserve better — as do the voters. He needs to immediately resign.”

The LGBT community should do whatever they want to amongst themselves and leave children out of their movement, children don’t need to be taught about this sex fetish in schools as the sickos in the mainstream media are constantly brainwashing young children to become trans or gay – it’s disgusting, kids should be allowed to be kids and only decide which orientation they are when they are adults!

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