Jul 08, 2020


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Generous Man; Sir Bryan Thwaites Donation To “White Boy Children” Unfairly Rejected As Prejudiced (It’s His Choice To Help Who He Wants To)

Winchester and Dulwich colleges have declined an offer of over £1m by a former pupil of both – Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites. These top two English private schools have defended their decision not to accept the benefactor’s offer of scholarships for disadvantaged white boys.

The schools say they do not want to put ethnic restrictions on who can benefit from financial help. Sir Bryan has said he is now looking for state school to accept his offer. He stated he wants to help white boys from disadvantaged backgrounds because they perform worse at school than their counterparts from other ethnic groups. There is nothing wrong with this, the schools are in fact being racist as they are discriminating against white male children!

Sir Bryan continued that this was why he wanted to make a leading education available to others and believed the institutions were wrong to reject his offer on the basis it was based on race. He stated; “I have done a lot for both schools over the years and have been closely involved in them. All the more, therefore, do I feel that both schools have made a strategic mistake in their interpretation of legislation.”

Read the full story here; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-50947271

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