Gina Loudon Tells The Truth About Blatant Shameless Discrimination Against Men, Dressed Up As Equality

Gina Loudon Shares Her Views On The University Of Technology In The Netherlands Being A Sexist Institution That Deliberately Excludes Men Due To Their Gender.


A University in the Netherlands unveiled a plan to hire only women for some of its teaching positions. Eindhoven University of Technology opened permanent teaching posts “exclusively” for women. Men can be considered for the job only if no suitable female candidates are found in six months. Media commentator and TV/ radio host Gina Loudon shared her views.

Gina argued that this is doing no one any good. She believes that although the university’s methods are being put forward as a solution against bias, they are not helpful for women and discriminate against men. Gina said;

“We don’t do any groups any favours in playing identity politics, especially when we’re shutting down entire groups of people just to give something to another group of people. It sends a message that those people somehow weren’t competent enough and couldn’t earn it. That’s very dangerous for women.”

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