Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Joiner In Edinburgh

Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed Helps Joiner Michael Smith

“In the latter half of 2016 I had taken to practising ‘game,’ a few times per week in Glasgow City Centre. This was around the same time that I met Adnan Ahmed through a mutual acquaintance.

 To be clear, ‘game’ is a word used to describe going out in public with the intention of meeting and having fun with both men and women. In my own case, game opened up the possibility of meeting women whom I could date. Through game, I consciously employed social skills which would have come naturally and effortlessly to many, but which were a disciplined focus for myself due to my crippling shyness at the time. Adnan and I were both enthusiastic about game, walking through the city centre during daylight hours, displaying our characteristics through friendly, flirtatious conversations. Most of these conversations went well with some women commending me for breaking the monotony of their day. Neither myself nor Adnan hid behind a mask of alcohol induced confidence as we approached and spoke to women on a one-to-one basis whilst being sober. There was no pretence that people were obliged to talk to us if they did not want to, and as such I viewed game as being entirely permissible.

Adnan and I continued to befriend each other, discussing how our core-confidence had increased. My own growth of self-assurance resulted in me making improvements in other areas of my life. Adnan had aspirations of coaching other people on how to live more positively, therefore I undertook dating coaching from him. During this coaching Adnan endorsed making friendly small talk with both men and women in social situations, as well as emphasising the importance of empathising with the people we encountered. Attesting to the latter, I once joined Adnan in delivering food which shops no longer wanted to sell, to the homeless, something which he often did. Adnan was a dating coach who advocated abstinence from alcohol and drugs, once giving this advice to someone who was drinking too much. Adnan was also a source of compassionate advice when I was dealing with a frayed family relationship.

Learned social skills gave me the opportunity to meet like-minded women, one of whom is now my girlfriend of six months and through practicing game, I overcame social anxiety which had previously plagued my entire life. The broadening of my social skills allowed me to become a more well-rounded, empathetic person, all of which has had a knock-on effect on my life, even recently spurring me to return to education.”

Michael Smith

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