Glasgow Dating Coach Addy Agame Helps Marketing Expert In Glasgow

Glasgow Dating Coach Media Scandal

“I learned game in order to get more confident and to become good with girls. It helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and allow me to become a more social person. I was able to rid myself off my social anxiety and my nervousness of talking to other people by learning game. Getting coaching from Addy also helped a lot as he motivated me to talk to girls and other people and helped me get past my fear of being rejected and feeling like I wasn’t good enough. And sometimes when we were out and we saw a pretty girl we would go and say hi to her and if she wasn’t interested or didn’t want to talk we would leave her alone. By having Addy, a Glasgow Dating Coach teach me game, it helped me find a loving relationship with the girlfriend of my dreams. Who I can now love with all my heart without having all the insecurities and anxiety I had before and messing the relationship up.”

David Kasonga

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