Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Personal Trainer In London With His Dating Life

Glasgow Dating Coach Media Scandal

“This statement is to provide my account of Adnan Ahmed, Game, and my own experiences regarding Game. I also hope that it can provide formal assistance in giving context to the entire circumstance of Adnan.

“Game” is the word we (as in the “Game” community) use to describe the discipline of maintaining an awareness of and improving the quality of our interactions with people. In some cases, this means pro-actively engaging with others so that we can overcome previous social conditioning which has harmed us in the past. This process allows a person to recondition themselves so that they can engage normally within society.

Game most likely appears very bizarre to the average person, including the person reading this. I hope this gives you a good understanding.

If you are someone who spent about eight years of their life in day to day situations where people would smile at you before they physically beat you, then this is going to create a series of compensatory behaviours (such as aggression and paranoia) which would not be seen in the “average” person. Such behaviours would have proved useful in those situations but when the situation changes and you now must think about a job, money, social life, relationships, etc, then such behaviours become a hindrance.

In this context “Game” becomes a process of letting go of who you once were and becoming a better version of yourself for yourself and to those around you. Game can be used in conjunction with other more conventional methods of psychological healing. However, these often don’t work.

I met Adnan in Glasgow about three years ago, as I was already “doing Game” and had witnessed him “cold approach” a girl in the street and give her a compliment, of which she was very happy to receive. From here, I came to know Adnan as a very outspoken member of a men’s self-development and game-oriented group called DWLF. We did coaching sessions at one point and often hung out in the same social circles.

As a side note, “cold approach” means to pro-actively initiate a conversation with someone who you have had no prior interaction with e.g. stopping a guy or girl on the street to give them a compliment or asking a bartender how they’re day is going while they serve you a drink. In some very rare occasions i.e. once every six months, someone might respond negatively to being cold approached due to factors outside of the control of the person performing the cold approach. I believe this to be the case in Adnan’s circumstance under the accusations that have occurred.

In my experience, DWLF adopts a public image derived from hip hop and rap culture but replaces the often violent and antisocial content of hip hop and rap with Game, and specifically the meeting, dating and seducing of women.

The public image of hip hop and rap can often be seen as aggressive and forward. As such, I believe that the content of DWLF has been mis-interpreted by those who are less tolerant of the aggressive and forward public image they sometimes portray.

While I was never in daily association with any of the DWLF members, or Adnan, I certainly met them enough to know what they were representing. I can confidently say that beyond hoping to make a career and livelihood in supporting others, especially men in their dating lives, there was no perceivable ill intent in any of their actions. The accusations that have occurred, have originated from a minuscule number of people who have come into contact with Adnan and are a result of poor reception of Adnan’s attempt at communicating with them, not poor communication coming from Adnan.

To summarise, I believe that the accusations are derived from the following 3 factors:

-the aggressive and forward hip hop/rap derived public image of DWLF

-the unconventional nature and practice of “Game” and the existence of an organised community which supports it

-the negative reception of inter-personal communication attempts from Adnan, on behalf of the accuser, combined with the awareness of aforementioned reasons.

Personally, Game and by extension Adnan and DWLF, have allowed me to overcome many psycho-social problems including aggression, depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety and paranoia. It has allowed me to build relationships with friends and family. It has allowed me to meet and date women and have girlfriends. It has allowed me to network with other people who experience the same difficulties and support each other. By extension, it has supported me in business and my career and has been the singular, most positively influential thing in my life.”

Tom Files

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