Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Video Editor In Spain

Addy Agame Glasgow Scandal


“I first met Adnan Ahmed (Addy AGame) in Glasgow city centre around a year and a half ago in the winter 2017 when i decided to go out and practice game in Glasgow with a friend. For me personally the purpose of game is to enrich the lives of others as well as our own by becoming the best versions of ourselves.

 Since first meeting Adnan I have become good friends with him and he has helped me to develop and grow in many ways including dealing with my fear and anxiety when in social situations. Addy has showed me that it is socially acceptable to make conversation with people whilst going through my day which has lead to many friendships and improved my dating life and confidence dramatically.

 I have spent many occasions with Adnan during the daytime where we interacted with many people and at the very worst a short and pleasant conversation was had then continued on with our day. Over the course of my time spent with Adnan I have never once witnessed any forceful or threatening behaviour towards women, I find this abhorrent. Shortly after meeting Adnan It was clear to me that he was not only motivated to practice game for himself but to also try and inspire others and offer help in the way of one to one coaching and through his YouTube channel.” 

Matthew Bertram

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