Glasgow Live Falsely Report Glasgow Nightclub Ban. Outrage Sparked Over Creepy Journalist Colette Crampsey Blatantly Twisting The Truth About Addy Agame

Kokomo Nightclub, Buchanan Galleries, St Enoch Centre Deny Taking Action Against Anyone Because No Women Or Men Were In Any Danger. Glasgow Live And Colette Crampsey Sensationalised Lies Online


Glasgow Live are doing their usual terrible party trick like the drunk aunt at a family get together that everyone ignores, most people know they are clowns with no influence or integrity. Glasgow Lies, excuse us, Glasgow Live are the Scottish version of The National Enquirer, except much smaller, much poorer, much less respected and much less believable. They might as well report on alien abductions, hauntings and time travel because their stories are all based on fantasy and falsehoods. The fake news racists at Glasgow Live claim to report on “everything Glasgow,” with a bias towards the white majority. The only time they speak of people from different ethnicities is in order to put them down. They host a number of perverted reporters who pride themselves on publishing sex stories, while secretly deleting their own sordid internet porn histories. Creepy Colette Crampsey is one such reporter who specialises in telling lies via her chubby fingers and triple chin.


Colette Crampsey either chunters on about feminism, killers/ murders or about how she attempts to fill her bottomless pit of a belly. Colette recently wrote an awful article about Scottish fish and chips, and her favourite snack – deep fried cream eggs. This says it all about your average Glaswegian journalist slob. Chunky Colette Crampsey is a compulsive liar even on her social media, describing herself as “easy going,” she’s not, read her articles she is an extremely angry and anxious person with clear blind spots and mental health issues. Clumsy Colette also claims to “excel in communication and problem solving.” This is untrue, if you are able to read her terrible articles without losing brain cells it’s clear to see she has really bad communication skills. And Colette, frying creme eggs is not “problem solving” it’s problem creating.


The hater journalist Colette Crampsey is from Ayrshire and attended Glasgow Caledonian University, where she failed as a student due to bad grades, she see’s Glasgow as the big city, how small-minded! Colette saw her chance to expand her pathetic career (and waste line) by stating, “Glasgow nightclub ban pick – up artist outrage sparked over secretly filming girls.” Tut, tut Colette, you little reptilian weasel. Glasgow Live film people on the street without their permission all the time, most recently they did a dire segment called “street style,” don’t check it out, it’s shit.

Creepy Colette Crampsey labels Adnan Ahmed as a “so-called pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques,lines and tactics.” Scatter-brained reporter Colette then goes onto say, “people in Glasgow and beyond were left outraged at the content of his website which helps people master their masculinity, and offers one-to-one coaching on how to interact with hot girls.” Colette got the second part right for a change, however in regards to outrage, she was totally off the mark as usual. We see a pattern of incompetency emerging here with Colette. In fact, Ahmed received massive support from major political figures across the UK, along with people from London, Europe and all the way to the United States. Even Scottish YouTubers made videos protesting Ahmed’s innocence.

Come on Crampsey, you sleazy hack nitwit, can’t you see the ladies faces are blurred out, protecting their identity. Furthermore, you failed to mention it is a dating business, not a day out with friends. And what are they “unsuspecting” of? A fun conversation, ooohhh the controversy. Additionally, the foolish journo failed to report that the majority of videos on Ahmed’s dating site are from cities around the world, not Glasgow!

MSP creep Rhianon Spear wrote to St. Enoch Centre begging, “are you aware this group of men are using your shopping centre to make unsolicited approaches to women whilst filming them…could you make management aware?” Reptile Rhianon Spear trolled every member of DWLF’s social media and collected their pictures and sent them out. When was the last time this cowardly jealous MSP actually did something for the community? The answer is never. She is as useless as her job title and has a clear bias towards a radical feminism agenda, rather than looking at facts objectively.

This shows emotional instability on her part as well as a lack of professionalism. Childish bratty tantrums are unsettling behaviour. Has any man ever approached her – maybe, but probably not; her unstable behaviour and twisted perspective leans more towards not than maybe. We at Red Pill Rights did our own investigating; and St. Enoch centre spokesperson told us “we had no reports of disturbances about the group, security never dealt with them, there were never any complaints of approaches or filming, we just reacted to the MSP making a request.”

Glasgow Live lied further saying, “a spokeswoman said – we will ensure security and the wider centre team are briefed on this matter. Kokomo nightclub have also reportedly been in touch to say the men are banned indefinitely from both their venues.” Red Pill Rights did our own investigating; and St. Enoch centre spokesperson told us “we had no reports of disturbances about the group, security never dealt with them, there were never any complaints of approaches or filming, we just reacted to the MSP making a request.” We also spoke to Kokomo nightclub who said, “we did not recognise the group, they are not regulars, we have never had any complaints about them regarding anything apart from the MSP.” Rhianon, it’s a nightclub, we know you’re an older lady, but men and women go there to meet each other. There is no need for the Hitler like hatred.

Colette Crampsey continued, “councillor Spear added they are also sharing this information with the club manager and networks throughout Glasgow, they hold firm this behaviour will not be tolerated.” This is absolutely ridiculous, what behaviour?! Let’s look at the facts; none of Rhianon Spears blustering, chuntering and brat dancing was looked at as an offence and the police did not bring up any charges in regards to the MSPs nincompoopery or pointless rat infested efforts. “Buchanan Galleries said – we have passed this to our security team and will make all other members of staff aware.” In actuality Buchanan Galleries took no action, there was no ban and nothing more came of this because nothing illegal even happened! Get a life Rhianon and do your mediocre job properly you worthless cretin.

Agame’s video did not “emerge on social media” as truth twisting kerb crawling Colette put it. BBC The Social hounded the Glasgow dating coach for months, he reached out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man. 

Insecure radical feminist and Glasgow councillor, Rhianon Spear saw a moment to gain accolade by involving herself in the media scandal, making ludicrous claims that rape and coercion were being made into a game. Her outright stupidity was evident through her mention of rape culture, which holds no foundation of truth.

Adnan Ahmed, though falsely accused of ridiculous charges of breach of the peace is NOT accused of rape, he is NOT accused of coercion. How irresponsible of an SNP councillor to even bring those two disgusting words into this situation and destroy an innocent man’s reputation and character.

Despite the false allegations against Mr Ahmed, no one – let me repeat, no one has accused him of rape, no one has accused him of coercion. Rhianon Spear should be fired from her job. She has lived up to the stereotype of being a politician making insane outlandish remarks to gain popularity. Look at how she slandered an innocent man, look at her discriminatory stance against justice, look at her hatred of men for just existing – this is not a person that should be in a political position in any way shape or form.

Rhianon Spear is an absolute joke of a politician, who should never have been hired in the first place and should never be taken  seriously again. Her views are dangerous, fascist, separatist and derogatory. She did no background research into Adnan Ahmed’s dating business, yet mouthed off without any prior investigation.

Rhianon Spear does not know Ahmed’s views on women, on consent and about sex. We do; Click on the link to hear Adnan “Addy Agame” Ahmed talk about his love for women, freedom of sexual expression and to always make sure there is consent as well as his condemnation of rape culture. This debunks Rhianon Spear’s disgusting claims, unfortunately for Mr Ahmed and his family the struggle continues and the stigma from his horrible ordeal may be a lifelong battle for him and his family, which consist mostly of women. Well done Rhianon, Girl Power! Spear is yet another example of a phoney misusing feminism as a weapon to push her own personal agenda, hiding behind the veil of equality, whilst actually hurting more women than she helps. Luckily, not many people believe what politicians say anyway.

At least hypocrite Nicola Sturgeon changed her tune and attempted to help Mr Ahmed and the concerned women in his family by offering valuable legal advice through her team as well as some words of support. Evidence of which can be found online.

Clown Colette continued, “in the clips, he and his friends follow girls and make unsolicited approaches.” If one observes Addy’s videos it can be seen that clearly there is no “following” or “targeting” of women. They either stop to speak to Addy or they walk with him, both of their own free will. This is another predictable gaslighting tactic by the feminazi scumbag, she uses words like “targeting” instead of “approaching” and “following” instead of “meeting.”

Scam artist Colette Crampsey lied more stating, “during one of the incidents, Addy asks a young woman if she’s getting pissed tonight before urging her to meet him in the city’s Kokomo nightclub'” Colette Crampsey is foolish yet again with her word choice. “Incident?” According to Colette Crampsey a short conversation with a woman is an “incident.” In Scotland “getting pissed” is slang for “drinking alcohol” and again we watched the video and again the woman gives Addy her number by choice, Addy does no such thing as “urging” anyone. So Colette what’s the issue with getting drinks with a woman in a nightclub? This is not controversial at all, men and women meet for drinks in nightclubs all over the world.

Colette Crampsey further stated, “on DWLF’s YouTube channel – which often shows Addy attempting to talk to unsuspecting women in Glasgow (interactions he calls infields) – that have caused the most outrage.” Wrong again Colette, the “infields” you speak of are mostly in foreign countries such as Ukraine, Croatia, Czech Republic, etc – not Glasgow. These “infields” did not cause outrage, it was a falsified twist on Agame’s business made by a BBC Social video that manipulated public opinion negatively. And Colette smarten up with your writing, “unsuspecting women,” are all the men  you speak to with romantic intentions (if any, probably none) suspecting of your intentions? They must be telepathic or you must be too cheesy and obvious.

Colette No one cares what a bunch of mentally ill triggered feminazi brats and social justice warriors say online. They’re just cowards sitting in dark rooms living their lives on screen, they don’t live in reality. Plus there were hundreds of thousands of people who supported Addy Agame that were conveniently not mentioned by the lying deceitful Glasgow Live reporter.

Wierdo journo Crampsey continued, “in another video titled why re-approaching girls can get you laid, he talks about how a girl will welcome it when a guy returns to speak to her despite initially turning them down.” Colette Crampsey is a slimy slug that reports out of context fake news. We also watched this video, Addy Agame actually discusses talking to women a guy may have spoken to before in a romantic context at a different time, who was unable to reciprocate because of circumstances. Addy discussed how after a lapse of time the female’s circumstances may have changed and if a guy likes her he should speak to her as there is already rapport between the both of them. Compulsive liar Colette Crampsey rambles on quoting Addy, “he says any situation that gets thrown at you, you turn to your advantage,” Colette you absolute fool, this is actually good life and dating advice!

Colette then quotes Agame from a completely different video, “remember you’re the guy and it’s your frame and she follows you, you lead.” Agame is a very masculine guy, a man’s man and doesn’t hold back when he talks. This is the totally transparent thing about media defamation, when they turn the act of swearing into a controversial issue, as if they don’t swear themselves. It shows they lack actual examples of negative conduct. Its lazy reporting.

Addy Agame was teaching men to be leaders, hence the “you lead.” Ask any woman in a true fulfilling relationship with any man if she willingly follows his lead or asks his advice or respects his frame – the answer will be yes. Addy said and we quote, “men have the right to lead the woman they have as a partner if they wish to and women have the right to leave if they don’t want to be led if they wish to. Men also have the right to choose a woman who follows them if they want this and women can either choose to follow a strong man or choose a wimp they can boss around. My channel is dating advice for men, not pandering political bullshit for radical aggressive feminists with no intention of having an intelligent discussion.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

The sleazy dirtbag journalist continued, “in one video, titled how to f*** girls in alleyways and public toilets, the sleazy website host approaches on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street while an accomplice secretly films the interaction.” Look at the criminal words the journalists use to describe a cameraman, “accomplice,” their vocabulary betrays their own secret perversions, it’s a disgusting use of language. Did the reporters see the video, was there any sex in “alleyways” or “public toilets”? No there wasn’t. And what was the result of the 3 “interactions” on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street? Well they all resulted in all 3 women giving Addy Agame their number! The Scottish media fail to mention this fact because they are either lying or stupid or trying to sell a story, it’s actually all 3.

Colette falsely stated ban measures were taken, “in a bid to keep women safe.” We at Red Pill Rights, recently managed to get a statement from Mr Adnan Ahmed, he said;

“I didn’t talk to elderly, overweight, aggressive or unattractive women with romantic intentions. I only casually chatted to women aged 17-25 with slim figures and pretty faces, that were mostly foreign, in broad daylight on busy streets with hundreds of people around, for the purpose of coaching and demonstrating for clients. I have been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now and she was aware of my business from day 1 of us meeting. We met the same way as I was teaching my clients to meet women. I love my girlfriend, she has supported me 100% through all this media nonsense.”

Adnan Ahmed ran a professional dating business teaching men success with women. The description of the women he approached represents approximately around 10% of Scottish women. Various reporters have claimed he displayed “predatory behaviour” towards all women in Glasgow. Fake News! This is a prime example of incompetent journalists sensationalising and twisting the truth to state it was all women in Glasgow as a whole. Again, 10% of women in Scotland are of the demographic Ahmed describes; these idiot reporters have proved to be bitter unreliable liars with lacklustre journalism skills.

The deeper reason for this maybe that Colette as well as the online keyboard feminist hate mongers involved in Ahmed’s defamation fall into the category of unattractive females (both internally and externally), rather than Ahmed’s precisely described preferences. Hence why his defamation of character was exaggerated to all women. Everyone wants to be the belle of the ball, especially low self-esteem attention seeking toxic feminazis.

The media used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man, who was working in the criminal justice field helping ex-offenders rehabilitate and integrate back into their communities.

The trashy classless gas-lighting journo Colette Crampsey also said, “his videos attracted the attention of MSPs over issues of consent and the treatment of women.” Glasgow Live stated that,

“councillor Elena Whitham also took to twitter to reveal her take on the videos. She said, ‘this is horrifying. We cannot allow the narrative that this is acceptable, normal dating behaviour to continue,this is rape culture and misogyny personified.” Wow! Why do these councillors have so much time to be on Twitter talking insecure garbage, this is what happens when you teach old hound dog feminists to use Twitter and give psychologically unbalanced people low-level political positions.

Old lady Elena Whitham works for East Ayrshire Council, Glasgow is not even her jurisdiction, though she still feels the need to stick her hooves in where she’s not welcome. Anything for some clout Whitham, Yuck! It’s a bit rich that Elena would label the type of dating Addy taught as “horrifying” and “cannot allow this narrative as acceptable, normal dating behaviour.” This is a stupid comment from someone from a generation before social media and dating apps. How did people meet each other in your day Elena, carrier pigeon?! No, they talked to each other face to face, unlike the scared wierdos cat-fishing each other online these days.

Elena Whitham claims to have been raped 25 years ago in Canada. This is a horrible thing to go through and she should get some help with her mental health for this. However labelling any and every man a rapist by saying, “this is rape culture and misogyny personified” is irresponsible and extremely dangerous language especially for a councillor, she should not be employed with these types of hindering mental health issues, plus her trauma has led her to be a bitter women’s right activist for all the wrong reasons. Whitham was a woman’s aid worker, but stopped helping women who truly need the help. Swapping this role to instead bash men who are innocent of any crime.

Elena Whitham didn’t look into Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame’s dating business, she based her hurried and incorrect opinion on the media hype rather than checking out Adnan Ahmed’s website and channel to see he was running an honest and legitimate business.

This is not the first bit of incompetent controversy the clumsy councillor has run into since her relegation from Canada to Kilmarnock. She is no stranger to mainstream media slander herself, Elena was described as “a rubbish candidate to tackle the littering problem in Scotland.” Whitham was also criticised for her involvement in turning the homeless away from housing opportunities. This goes to show her total lack of skill and intelligence to hold a political post as well as her not being interested in helping the less fortunate. But give her an opportunity for some publicity via a sympathy vote (in this instance at the expense of Addy Agame) and she is all over it, like flies on sh*t.

Elena Whitham is not interested in human rights or justice, she plays the blame/shame game as well as playing the victim, rather than being a survivor and example to other women. This explains her involvement in the Addy Agame media scandal, despite him being a shining example of positive masculinity. Elena Whitham’s tactics are not new, she has also blamed video games for all of society’s problems in the past. That’s right Elena; video games and men are not to blame for everything. Typical feminist drivel and predictable Scottish wilder beast woman behaviour.

Maryhill and Springburn MSP Bob Doris said the videos were an unsavoury reminder of some views that are still held in society. Old Bob needed the publicity! Dirty perv predator Bob Doris should know better than to talk to the corrupt swines at The BBC and the Scottish media. Bob, Adnan Ahmed is innocent, unlike Bob Doris’ best pal and fellow MSP Mark McDonald who was found guilty of sexual harassment.

Bob Doris was heavily involved with Mark McDonald, which The BBC did a report on, but were forced to take the article down, probably due to falsified information (just like all the BBC’s articles about Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame.) Bob Doris doesn’t know Addy, in fact Bob has nothing to do with Addy Agame, but blundering Bob had to comment on views (that were not even Ahmed’s) just to become visible as a creep that kisses feminist ass to gain popularity. Dirty Doris is 46 and was elected to his post in 2007 and due to his lack of ambition is still in the same dusty position. Addy’s girlfriend contacted bummy Bob Doris, after Ahmed’s wrongful remand to show evidence of Addy’s innocence.

However Bob Doris and his staff ignored the information and hid from the truth because he had already gained the publicity he needed from jumping on the bandwagon of Addy’s media scandal. Bob Doris does not care about the people of Glasgow, he is not fit to hold the position of an MSP, he doesn’t help the public and does not stand for the truth. Ahmed’s people went over Bob’s head and gained political support from the First Minister who made an effort to help Addy without desperately hunting for publicity like a predatory vulture, despite initially making blundering statements!