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Glasgow Police Officer On Trial For Rape

Glasgow Police Officer Accused of Raping A Women


A Glasgow police officer was on trial accused of raping a drunk woman who was high on cocaine. PC Lee McMullen and his friend Darren Hunter from Glasgow, denied raping a woman at her flat in 2017 and claim any sex was consensual.

It was heard in court that the woman met the police officer in Prestwick town centre. They were strangers to her. It was stated that both the men’s phones were seized and analysed and a series of WhatsApp messages and photographs were discovered.

McMullan had booked a room in the Premier Inn in Ayr for one night and the pair were planning a night out. The jury was shown a photograph of a Bible with a Rolex watch and a bag of white powder in a clear plastic bag on top of it.

The court was told that the photo was sent from McMullan’s phone with a message saying: “Lord it has been a year since my last confession.”

The jury was also shown a message said to be from McMullan’s phone to a friend which said: “Am Prestwick overnight tonight mate going to be outstanding.”

A further message read: “Yeah staying overnight got sniff, plenty of booze just need a few birds.”

Asked about his night, another text sent from McMullan’s phone added: “Smashing mate. Had a three-ball.”

His friend is said to have replied: “F***ing unreal. You have probably ruined her life. Probably not had a good s*** before.”

McMullan and Hunter deny the charges against them.

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