Glory-Hunting “Rape-Sensationalising” Loser Sandy Brindley vs Street Attraction & Addy Agame

Reptilian swine Myles Bonnar quotes puppet face weirdo Sandy Brindley from Rape Crises Scotland. Why does this meddling nobody Sandy Brindley have to get involved?! There were no accusations of any incidents involving rape, why doesn’t this stupid publicity starved muppet go and help actual rape victims?! What does Sandy Brindley actually do?! She isn’t qualified to speak about this case, it is out with her pointless role – she would do anything to back her feminist man hating agenda.

Cowardly Myles spewed more quotes from Sandy Brindley; “wants the videos to be made illegal, she said: there’s questions about legality, about criminal behaviour, harassment, using images or audio without consent.” There is no questions about “legality” Sandy you cretin – it’s 100% legal under UK Law, hence why there is no “criminal behaviour,” you can moan from your fake moral high-ground all you like, but you cannot pass legislation, despite what your over-inflated ego tells you – you have no power, you’re a useless fool who’s life is ridiculously dedicated to destroying straight men because no one wants you! Slimy Sandy Brindley has viewed “pick-up” videos, none display any “harassment,” we urge readers to watch them on YouTube and see for yourself and no “images or audio” is pornographic or against the law, all participants are fully clothed Brindley you idiot!

Seedy Bonnar continued quoting hound-dog Sandy Brindley; “I have grave concerns about whether there is consent, to come across one of those videos and hear that audio – I think is an infringement on somebody’s human rights.” Well, Sandy, it’s not, it’s totally legal, all identities are concealed, the rancid news publications you speak to employ filming anyone and everyone without their consent and editing it out of context to fit their narrative of spinning a story any which way they like (with complete disregard for those people); if it is made “illegal,” it should be against the law for the wretched media also, it should apply to everyone! These shady media tactics are the real infringement coupled with the fanatical demonisation of men in general by idle feminazi fools like Sandy Brindley.

Punk Myles continued quoting Sandy Brindley; “I think some of these techniques come very, very close to rape, pick-up artists are doing men no favours recommending these.” Sandy you promote rape, pick-up artists don’t. You promote rape because it gives your pointless job purpose – let’s get one thing clear, rape is rape! Sex is sex! Rape and sex are 2 different things, they do not come close, rape is a disgusting crime Sandy, sex is a consensual experience between 2 adults, there are no blurred lines.

Well-respected London dating coach Eddie Hitchens from Street Attraction stated; “everything was completely consensual, we actually help men, we help prevent rape culture to help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” Despite this true and honourable statement from Mr Hitchens, the BBC Panorama program reporter and beta-male creep (Myles Bonnar) still selectively edited out of context quotes to demonise Hitchens and his colleague Richard Hood – in order to sway public opinion towards negativity.

Sandy what is “doing men no favours at all” is feminazi horror shows like you trying to feminise all men by cutting their balls off and making all women more masculine so that heifers like you have some sort of warped control over dating by attention-seeking, shaming and feeling more attractive. This is doing women no favours at all either!

Myles continued quoting mutant Sandy Brindley; “my advice would be this is not the approach to take you could end up facing serious consequences.” No one asked or wants your terrible crazy-person advice! Shut up Sandy, the only thing “truly repulsive” is your appearance, demeanour and existence! Addy Agame and Street Attraction didn’t humiliate, degrade or mistreat any women, they were set up like a play piece in the BBC’s game via one sided prejudicial videos by weasel rat Myles Bonnar and you joined in to get some of the tainted fame. Sandy do you actually help anyone or do you just chat nonsense in the press because you have an empty boring life?! There will be “consequences” for you Sandy, you and your organisation will be sued for the minute funding you have (if any at all). How about you change yourself Sandy instead of talking trash about men to mask your insecurities.

The press said “Sandy Brindley from Rape Crisis Scotland, said she had approached Police Scotland with concerns about Ahmed.” The glorified bum, Sandy Brindley has never met Adnan Ahmed, however took it upon herself to approach the police regarding a man who has never raped anyone, nor ever been accused or linked with a horrible word like rape. Overweight and delusional Sandy Brindley is the ultimate stereotype of an irresponsible hate fuelled separatist feminazi, hell bent on destroying men because of her saggy emotional baggage in regards to being rejected by men. If Brindley would improve her pudgy appearance and horrid ignorant personality, maybe she wouldn’t face as much rejection.

Sandy belongs to a group of insecure women who are mad at men because inwardly they are mad at themselves for letting themselves down. Her self-loathing and victim mentality is disguised as empowered justice and women’s rights; which is used to hurt any and every man who doesn’t follow the ideal that all women should be worshipped regardless of them being aggressive, mean, criminal or even fat. No Sandy, all human beings have the choice of who they want to be with and who they find attractive.

Trying to brainwash men into accepting mean women or big women as a sexual preference, even if they don’t want to is insane. Some men have that fetish, fair enough, but instead of ranting about “fat-shaming,” isn’t it medically obvious that excess body weight equals heart disease, depression, diabetes, etc, etc. It is simply not healthy and an absolute cop out. Doctors urge that men and women should choose to lose weight and eat right to live long and content lives, everyone is capable of doing so unless they have a medical condition that prevents this. Blaming psychological or genetic reasons is a lame excuse and out of touch with reality.

Sandy Brindley is quoted by the media as saying “when someone is displaying what seems to be predatory behaviour.” After watching Ahmed’s online “game” videos it is clear that he is simply having short flirty conversations with females who are willing participants, which ends at most, with an exchange of contact details. How is that predatory Sandy? The real predatory stalker behaviour is displayed by Brindley who contacted the police regarding this, to justify having her useless job, which serves no purpose in this instance, how about you actually help real rape victims Sandy or is that too difficult, as you may have to do some actual work rather than cheat the Scottish government to fund your bummy reptilian “Rape Crisis” organisation.

The “intimate images” referred to by Brindley are not illegal and are permitted to be online. She goes onto say “…to establish whether or not consent has been given and the impact it is having on the women he is approaching.” Any woman Ahmed has ever dated or slept with has not complained against him, they have had the opportunity to do so and did not. In fact, Ahmed has received support from a number of them. Addy Agame Ahmed is not the inventor of online YouTube dating videos, this is a concept that is global, especially in Western nations. Uploads from massive multi-million pound dating companies happen on an almost daily basis. Ahmed’s videos are tame compared to his counterparts in London and the States. No one has faced backlash like this.

There is a clear link between this over reaction and the venomous women’s groups with a small hick-town mentality in a place like Glasgow, compared to open-minded independent thinking women in London and the U.S.A who see this as a non-issue. Brindley continued “misogyny is not a crime but I think a number of behaviours shown in the videos I have seen – arguably are caught by criminal law,” this is utter non-sense. Sandy Brindley fumes at Ahmed meeting slim, pretty women and calls him a misogynist because he teaches other men to do the same. She fails to detail what behaviours are “arguably caught by criminal law.” The facts are that nothing he did was illegal.

Ahmed faces no charges in regards to his dating videos, because they contain nothing illegal, even the filming of the videos is legal. Brindley is surprisingly right about one thing – misogyny is not a crime, but labelling an innocent man misogynist (when he clearly is not) is slander and reporting it to the police is absolute lunacy.

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