Groomer Beast That Runs ‘Glesga News’ YouTube Channel Exposed For Being A Scumbag Racist Creep Jealous Of Masculine Men He Perceives As Superior To Him (He Also Virtue Signals To Glasgow Girls In The Wicked Hope They Will Be Tricked Into Having Sex With Him)

Addy Agame Proven Innocent, Beats False Allegations Due To Miscarriage Of Justice / No Actual Crime! –

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To –

The beasty ‘Glesga News’ groomer YouTuber twat had the gall to falsely accuse dating coach stud Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame of ‘grooming females’ even going as far as saying they were ‘underage’ – if that is what you are into Glesga News then you should be jailed, but the legal facts are Ahmed is not a groomer and all the women he simply spoke to were of adult age! The desperate Glesga News loser stated this in the comments feed of the vile and pathetic video he did on Addy in January 2019 in order to clout chase and gain popularity for his crap YouTube channel. He also called his genetic superior Addy a ‘sick b*stard’ in the same feed!

His virtue-signalling creepy ‘concern’ for women in the Addy Agame sh*t-piece video he done is exposed as fake as Glesga News boy has another video in which he calls a vulnerable female a ‘nazi b*tch,’ if anyone is befitting of that title it’s you Glesga News you nazi b*tch! I think we’ve established that the real sick b*stard is you Mr Glesga News. This white supremacist clown is from the Paisley / Renfrew area which becomes apparent on his amateur channel because he has many crap videos covering that poverty stricken hell hole in which he resides!

The vile weirdo Glesga News vlogger also calls Addy Agame a ‘scumbag’  in the same weak video’s thumbnail on the cringe channel and refers to the mighty Agame’s handsome face as ‘ugly’ due to his racial background just like he does to countless other ethnic men he’s sexually jealous of. Listen Glesga News, your bright red whiskey nose pasty white Scottish coupon is so ugly you’re too embarrassed to show it you ugly faced sh*tebag scumbag!

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EPISODE 5 –”Addy Agame Proven Innocent And Acquitted Of All Charges” –

The Glesga News puke sites a now debunked Daily Record article regarding Adnan Ahmed’s sham kangaroo-court show-trial, which by the way Ahmed appealed and has been totally acquitted of – you beasty YouTube bam! The Glesga News hypocrite freak also has videos bashing the Daily Record, at least have some consistency you scitzo pedo apologist! All this dirty sleazeball does is regurgitate lies from the Scottish media, you’re not Glesga News wee man, you’re plagiarism news you seedy little thief! This perv even falsely refers to ‘lane sex’ in reference to Addy Agame which is clickbait nonsense once again from unreliable garbage tabloid trash rags – the facts are Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame was fully vindicated and acquitted of all fake charges due to a miscarriage of justice / no case to answer to you Scottish nationalist racist sad-sack. Addy’s probably back to giving your Scottish women the big broon boaby, it must hurt you wee baws since you can’t even get your own women to even notice you let alone date you old yin!

The pathetic self-righteous Glesga News weirdo went onto say; ‘what I think he’s about, this is what a rapist wants to follow..’ in regards to Ahmed’s past dating advice. Addy is a well known ladies man, he never mentioned or condoned rape. Glesga News on the other hand is a sex-starved pervert who did mention and think of rape despite the word never being mentioned by Addy. The old fart Glesga News bum was born in the 1960s when rape was accepted by guys like him and his male family members – maybe that’s why he’s so keen to refer to rapists so fondly, it’s projection again and runs in his family! Also rumour has it only rapists and potential rapists follow the grubby Glesga News dog-dirt YouTube channel!

The no-name, no-face coward that runs the pathetic, amateur, crap Glesga News YouTube channel is a spineless racist creep. The pathetic little mangina coward is too afraid to reveal his true identity in fear of repercussions (he would most likely be beaten up by the countless people he has abused). This rat would rather sit behind a screen like a sissy and talk pish about people (mostly men of colour). The Glesga News groomer coward doesn’t have a clue about women at all, the creep sees them as special little snowflakes. The simp has to pathetically virtue-signal to them in order to wickedly trick them into sleeping with him to no avail, the pervy little toe-rag that he is!

The Glesga News hobo stated (in reference to his biological superior Addy Agame); ”making out he’s a normal guy,” nah mate compared to you Addy is a king you fat spineless turd, how about you prove you have a backbone by revealing your identity you fake hard-man. The Glesga News weasel showed his true simp colours and lack of knowledge about women by stating (in regards to a picture of Addy and a female); ‘tempt that lassie to do what she doesn’t normally dae,’ aye not with spineless old pervs like you Glesga News, however the facts are that female gave Addy Agame her number consensually! You’re just mad that Agame is getting it on with all the white women you’ll never have and fix your pronunciation in your videos you neddy gutter chav, stop speaking like a dirty Scottish junky!

The cringe Glesga News swine went onto say (in reference to his brown God Addy Agame); ‘the get-ups been thought oot,’ it’s called fashion you old out of touch ugly pig idiot, wearing trendy clothes and a backpack isn’t manipulation, women are not stupid like you think they are you filthy slob! The Glesga News cuckold stated (in reference to his master Agame); ”he’s wearing a New York hat, has he ever been to New York.” Well the facts are Ahmed has not only been there he actually lived in New York for over 3 years you fat, old, ugly Paisley residing scheme beast – you’ll die from diabetes in Renfrew from all that Irn Bru and Buckfast because you’ve never been outside of Scotland have you Paisley boy?!

The Glesga News beast has videos on his channel bashing Pakistani and black men, going as far as calling them p*ki and n*gger (he even titles one of his videos ‘brown muslim p*ki). Here is a suggestion you fake tough guy, if you’ve got a problem with men of colour how about you meet them face to face, have a fist fight and settle it like a man rather than being a snake bitching under an anonymous name! But you won’t do that you OAP coward, so we can’t respect you as a man you he-she has-been, actually you’re not even that – you’re a never-was!

The Glesga News dirtbag is pro ‘black face,’ he even calls for the deportations of UK nationals because they have dark skin – your caucasian mate, meaning you are from the Caucas mountains in Asia – the UK isn’t even your country fat-boy, it belongs to no one – and in this day and age corrupt governments run it, it’s not yours to take ownership of you racist cuckold!

The Glesga News perv’s favourite topic in his videos is pedophilia, which must mean he secretly harbours those thoughts because it is quite clear it is a perverted projection of his desires. He also loves talking about white women getting it on with brown and black men, this must be due to the porn he’s hooked on as he’s clearly a single incel that is angry he has a little white tinker that can’t match the members of the ethnic men that white Scottish women seem to love.

The Glesga News moron sounds like a pensioner which is evident through his use of outdated idiotic catchphrases such as ‘holy toledo.’  He also clout chases by wanting to support Rangers Football club, even though the little toad is from Renfrewshire and not Glasgow – support St.Mirren you glory-hunting slimeball.

The ugly Glesga News white nationalist is a rape and pedophilia obsessor and ended his failed attempt at a diss video on Addy Agame by using black street slang stating; ‘peace out,’ make your mind up you racist Renfrewshire beast – either you hate ethnic minorities or not – and if you hate them don’t use their slang!

PS. The same goes for the anonymous faceless cowardly beasty nonce b*stard YouTubers who run the ‘Charles Mcbride’ (from Viewpark) and ‘Mark1333’ channels. These 2 sexual deviants at least deleted their crap videos (consisting of fake news clips) on Addy Agame once he was cleared in the High Court. These 2 sh*tebag cowards don’t reveal their true identity either. Again, grow a set and settle it like men if you have guts, but it’s self-evident via your hiding that you don’t even have a shred of courage!

The most important fact is justice was done and Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame won his appeal to overturn the wrongful convictions and sentence due to a miscarriage of justice and no actual crime to answer to in September 2020!

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