Feb 29, 2020


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Hetero-Phobic Journo Myles Bonnar vs Eddie Hitchens From Street Attraction (BBC Panorama Flopumentary)

Reporter Myles Bonnar stated in his BBC article; “Eddie Hitchens moves centre-stage for introduction – Hi I’m Eddie, I’m a heterosexual sex addict…I’ve been doing game since 2005, been coaching since 2011.” Firstly, Eddie’s intro is a joke, it’s funny humour, locker room chat between the guys, which is clear to anyone who is not socially retarded like Myles. Secondly, Eddie’s CV speaks for itself, Eddie’s credentials and knowledge of game is evident. It would therefore make sense to listen to Eddie about the subject rather than some soy boy estrogen ridden mangina like Myles Bonnar – who found out about it less than a year ago.

Minger Myles continued; “Hitchens signals the group to introduce themselves, including me: an undercover journalist posing as a new recruit. It’s an international mix – chef from Amsterdam, former US Navy officer, a software engineer from Brazil, computer programmer from Dublin, a doctor from Manchester.” Firstly don’t flatter yourself Myles you’re still an up and coming 31 year old bum reporter. Secondly look at the credentials of the men learning from Street Attraction, could it be that this wide variety of respected professionals are right and a bummy journalist is wrong? I would trust a doctor or navy seal before trusting a low-life reporter desperately looking for his big break, who would sell his own mother for a story!

Bonnar continued; “promising quick results, one group stood out: Street Attraction …offered boot camps that have men attracting women within 2 days. Students promised tutorials, follow-up guidance and one-to-one lessons on how to master their masculinity. Street Attraction had more than 110,000 YouTube subscribers.” This is the resume of a legit and successful business Myles you scumbag. Did your unsuccessful life bug you so much that you took it upon yourself to use BBC propaganda to destroy other men’s livelihoods, who are self-made successes?!

Weasel-troll Bonnar continued; “founder Eddie Hitchens even charged for viewing one of his secretly recorded sexual exploits.” This is a lie. There was nothing pornographic, there was no nudity or anything vulgar. Myles words this as if Eddie was charging clients to view sex. In reality Eddies program was an example of how to meet a woman that leads to a dating scenario which can lead to consensual sex.

Bonnar continued, quoting Eddie; “recording intimate stuff in general isn’t easy, if a girl knows that she is being filmed she won’t act in a natural way and won’t allow herself to be seduced for fear of her reputation being ruined. We wanted to capture real reactions it had to be filmed covertly. Guerrilla-style – Hitchens explained in one video.” The context Eddie stated this was educational. Social outcast Myles interprets “intimate” as sex, if Myles had actual experience with women he would know intimacy takes place in many ways – conversation, eye contact, shared experiences, etc.

Anyone featuring in Eddie’s videos had their identities and faces hidden. Which is the opposite of weirdo journalists (like Myles) who secretly film people without their consent, reveal their identities and lie about them unashamedly. Eddie protected women’s reputations, Myles profits from ruining them. Myles revealed Eddie and Richard’s full names in his flop-umentary because they had Eastern European roots. Bonnar has been accused of racism previously, his hate of ethic minorities is also a motive for his attack on Street Attraction.

Small-time snitch Bonnar spewed on; “it was a sweltering day, I was wearing a thick quilted coat to hide a camera and microphone. There were 6 students, my coach was Hitchens.” This is the epitome of Myles, it’s seedy – Eddie was helping those men better their lives and you were there secretly filming men for you gratification. Plus your dress sense sucks in general, throughout the flop-umentary Myles can be seen dressed as an out of touch geek with no masculine swagger.

Social justice fool Myles gives away his “no-penis” mentality when at the start of his flop-umentary he films girl’s bums on Oxford Street. Dirt-bag Bonnar continued; “Hitchens pointed out a target and we were sent to approach by blocking their path.” Wimpy Myles uses “target” to make Eddie look seedy, when Myles himself used words like “it worked” and “pack.” Eddie used “target” to appeal to the logical male brain that can learn most things like building blocks and equations, there is nothing seedy about it. And no one was “blocked,” all of Street Attraction’s infield videos showed them temporarily stopping girls in a positive/ friendly manner, leaving enough space for them to stay or leave at their leisure. Mostly the women involved welcome and enjoy the interactions and again, there are thousands of people around! Myles – how do you suggest men meet women?! You don’t have a clue you creep – but you seem to think you know better than guys who actually know from experience. You’re full of sh*t Myles.

Bonnar continued; “boot camps students were now mic’d up so Hitchens could listen in and critique their performance.” Your stupidity is astounding Myles, in any coaching/ student scenario – the perceiving eye is weak and the observing eye is strong. Eddie’s observing eye seen events from experience (clear of distraction, exaggerations and mis-perceptions); in contrast to Myles’ inexperienced perceiving eye that seen obstacles and issues. Hence the need for mics and ear pieces. Eddie taught how to focus the animal brain within milliseconds by questioning impulses and overriding them and to examine perceived threats that are not real. This is mental and physical training and requires practice by taking consistent action.

White Knight friend zone coward Bonnar virtue-signalled through his mangina, stating; “not that the women knew that,” just like Eddie didn’t know you were abusing his trust by secretly filming him and lying to him – while he was trying to help you. Myles, women benefit from this also, it’s win-win you childish idiot. Dating is difficult for females also to an extent, they want to meet a man, they want the right man to approach them – ask some women without your BBC rubbish hat on. Day-time dating is a solution for both men and women. Why be someone grovelling online, why not have something special to offer – daygame allowed men to be the answers to women’s prayers, not the other way around!

Girly-Boy Bonnar continued; “Dr Rachel O’Neill an academic at London school of Economics, has studied the seduction industry for 10 years.” This so-called “doctor” isn’t qualified to give an opinion because she’s looking from the outside in. Eddie Hitchens on the other hand has over 14 years actual experience, his opinion is that of fact, not outside observation. Within the seduction industry there are numerous armchair coaches who watch every video on the subject of seduction but never actually put any theory into practice by actually talking to women. These men are ridiculed as pretenders, this “Rachel O’Neill” is on par with them. Researchers are not experts, practitioners are. Your use of O’Neill’s opinion is asinine Myles, she doesn’t fully comprehend the industry – book smarts don’t equate to social skills and theory certainly is no match for experience!

Involuntary celibate Bonnar continued; “Hitchens, who was 34 at the time, took me aside to explain why I needed to be less selective. He told me; doesn’t matter even if she’s underage, it’s not illegal to stop someone. That was a good target.” Firstly, this is totally out of context, at no point in this quote did Eddie say to approach anyone underage as was implied by Bonnar! Myles was chickening out of doing approaches, hence why Eddie took him aside and told him to be less “selective,” your excuses and social anxiety were the cause Myles, not Eddie! Hitchens didn’t tell you to approach kids ever – that’s in your head Myles, you seem to protest a little too much here. Eddie has never been linked to anything to do with anyone “underage,” this is a disgusting allegation; made by a beady-eyed coward in the feminised form of Myles Bonnar.

Devious Bonnar continued; “In one of his videos Hitchens stated you should carry on escalating if a girl says you are going too fast. Hitchens goes onto say: if she says we’ll have sex next time you can reply with: why waste time? It’s arrogant to assume there will be a next time.” Bonnar twists Eddie’s words out of context again. We’ve seen the video Myles is referring to and Eddie stated in a “consensual situation,” also that “you should let the girl explore your home and always give her the option to leave, she should come to you willingly.” Also Eddie is being selective, he has options, he is being 100% truthful – it is actually arrogant to assume there will be a “next time.” It may be a one time situation or both parties may decide to move on. He’s letting the girl decide. There is nothing sinister about this.

Well-respected London dating coach Eddie Hitchens from Street Attraction stated; “everything was completely consensual, we actually help men, we help prevent rape culture to help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” Despite this true and honourable statement from Mr Hitchens, the BBC Panorama program reporter and beta-male creep (Myles Bonnar) still selectively edited out of context quotes to demonise Hitchens and his colleague Richard Hood – in order to sway public opinion towards negativity.

Manipulator Bonnar continued; “after weeks of refusing to engage with me, I found Eddie Hitchens coaching another group of men. I asked why he pressured women into having sex. He was outraged.” Wow Myles – you stalked a man who didn’t want to speak to a lying fool like you, then snuck up on him with a camera crew while he was working (helping other men). Eddie did look angry, but kept a dignified manner intact. Myles was only brave because it was being filmed, the little Scottish hick doesn’t have the backbone to step up by himself man to man. Eddie was right to be angry at Bonnar as he was making up accusations out of thin air. No females have ever accused Hitchens of ever “pressuring” them into anything.

Beta-male Bonnar continued to quote Eddie; “he said: that’s completely wrong. You have twisted it completely out of context…it’s an art. It’s completely consensual. We actually help men…if anything we help prevent rape culture and help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” This is 100% true – Eddie has never been linked to anything “non-consensual” or “rape” ever! There are thousands of clients and hundreds of women who can back up what he said.

Two faced swine Bonnar continued; “Hitchens denied telling students they should approach teenagers, he said; not true, the thing I teach is exactly this. Find out how old the girl is before you do anything sexual/ flirtatious…you are basically misrepresenting what we’re doing. It’s absolutely disgusting and we’ll see you in court.” Myles goes back to his seemingly sordid fantasies by using the word “teenagers” in an underage context. Eddie only told clients to pursue women over the age of consent, never anyone underage, again he has no history of this ever! Even in Myles’ flop-umentary Eddie said to find out age first. Eddie’s statement was again true. Street Attraction are responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of men. They taught self-development as well as dating, Bonnar chose to demonise them to advance his bummy no-go career. Bonnar and the BBC’s lawsuits are piling up as Ahmed’s appeal is in progress and he will also sue the dishonest organisation.

Fame-starved sex-weirdo Bonnar left out that Eddie also said; “I don’t pressure women into having sex, you’re trying to portray normal consensual sex as something else.” Bonnar filmed Street Attraction over a prolonged period of time and selectively edited certain quotes to fit his demonising narrative, just like he did to Addy in January 2019 in his vile BBC Social justice/ racial hate video! You should show all the footage Myles, so people can see the truth, not the lies you choose to show. Any conversation can be edited selectively with a narrative added to make any said person look bad, it’s basic school-boy crap – people see through it Myles!

They taught their clients to be open to possibilities/ opportunities, gain experiences and to live in reality. Eddie displayed charm, cool headedness and leadership. Richard oozed wit, charisma and positivity. George exuded humility, compassion and light-heartedness. Addy manifested magnetic confidence, self-discipline and a relentless drive to improve through action and practice. Bonnar has none of these traits, he has nothing to offer except hatred, negativity and lies – he’ll always be a loser! If you can’t beat them, smear them, eh Myles (pathetic!).

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