Horrifying “Rape Culture” Councillor Elena Whitham vs Innocent Self-Help Life Coach Addy AGame

The media stated that “councillor Elena Whitham took to Twitter to reveal her take on Addy AGame’s videos. She said ‘this is horrifying. We cannot allow the narrative that this is acceptable, normal dating behaviour to continue, this is rape culture and misogyny personified.” Wow! Why do these councillors have so much time to be on Twitter talking insecure garbage, this is what happens when you teach old hound dog feminists to use Twitter and give psychologically unbalanced people low-level political positions.

Old lady Elena Whitham works for East Ayrshire Council, Glasgow is not even her jurisdiction, though she still feels the need to stick her hoofs in where she’s not welcome. Anything for some clout Whitham, Yuck! It’s a bit rich that Elena would label the type of dating Addy taught as “horrifying” and “cannot allow this narrative as acceptable, normal dating behaviour.” This is a stupid comment from someone from a generation before social media and dating apps. How did people meet each other in your day Elena, carrier pigeon?! No, they talked to each other face to face, not like scared wierdo’s, cat-fishing each other online.

Elena Whitham claims to have been raped 25 years ago in Canada. This is a horrible thing to go through and she should get some help with her mental health for this. However labelling any and every man a rapist and saying “this is rape culture and misogyny personified” is irresponsible and extremely dangerous language especially for a councillor, she should not be employed with these types of hindering mental health issues, plus her trauma has led her to be a bitter women’s right activist for all the wrong reasons. Whitham was a woman’s aid worker, but stopped helping women who truly need the help. Swapping this role to instead bash men who are innocent of any crime.

Elena Whitham didn’t look into Addy AGame’s dating business she based her hurried and incorrect opinion on the media hype rather than checking out Adnan Ahmed’s website and channel to see her was running an honest and legitimate business.

This is not the first bit of incompetent controversy the clumsy councillor has run into since her relegation from Canada to Kilmarnock. She is no stranger to mainstream media slander herself, Elena was described as “a rubbish candidate to tackle the littering problem in Scotland.” Whitham was also criticised for her involvement in turning the homeless away from housing opportunities. This goes to show her total lack of skill and intelligence to hold a political post as well as her not being interested in helping the less fortunate. But give her a opportunity for some publicity via a sympathy note (in this instance as the expense of Addy AGame) and she is all over it, like flies on sh*t.

Elena Whitham is not interested in human rights or justice, she plays the blame/shame game as well as playing the victim, rather than being a survivor and example to other women. This explains her involvement in the Addy AGame media scandal, despite him being a shining example of positive masculinity. Elena Whitham’s tactics are not new, she has also blamed video games for all the societies problems in the past. That’s right Elena; video games and men are not to blame for everything. Typical Feminist drivel and predictable Scottish wilder beast woman behaviour.

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