Human Rights Group Investigate BBC News And BBC Journalist Debbie Jackson’s Predatory News Articles Targeting Adnan Ahmed

Lying Scum BBC Reporter Debbie Jackson Talks Sexualised Non-Sense Defaming an Innocent Man; Adnan Ahmed

The con men at the BBC are at it again. Making false allegations and publishing fake news. The BBC always find themselves in controversy one way or another; if it’s not conning pensioners out of TV licence money, it’s misconduct via their editing of videos of people to trick viewers to see something that is not fact. As they also did in the case of Adnan Ahmed.

Recently the BBC were called racist when one of their presenters labelled a Muslim prayer a terror salute. The BBC’s prerogative is to call all Muslims terrorists, no surprise there. More recently the BBC had to offer a on-screen apology for pocketing money raised by the public for charity. The BBC kept £106,000 of premium rate phone in money that should have gone to the Comic Relief charity. The scumbags at the BBC only offered a half hearted apology and instead blamed their staff, who they said they would retrain.

Speaking of incompetent staff that need retrained, predatory reporter Debbie Jackson is another one of these idiotic pundits. Debbie is a big-nosed, self-proclaimed pumpkin fanatic. This explains a lot about her witch- like demeanour. Flabby Debbie Jackson lists her hobbies eating junk food whilst watching Towie and glow fanatically. This explains her whale-like appearance. Jackson prides herself as a keyboard warrior feminazi. This explains her disgusting personality. Dirty Debbie say’s she’s obsessed with gymnastics, not the taking part, just the watching of it while she stuffs her gut full of sugary and deep fried snacks. Debbie fatso wacko jacko has a eating disorder and clear mental health issues. She’s managed to waddle herself into the position of cheerleader director, but not a cheerleader because she’s not pretty, thin or athletic.

Dummy Debbie starts her despicable BBC fake news article by stating; “police have begun an investigation after videos giving tips to men on how to pick-up women were posted online. The investigation comes after BBC’s The Social published a report into the videos. BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man

Dunce Debbie Jackson went onto say; “Addy AGame features in the films which have been condemned as predatory. Reporter Jackson shows how out of touch with reality she is as she describes YouTube videos as “films,” they are not films. Hungry desperado Jackson stated Ahmed “has been labelled a predator,” By who Debbie – you, your hack buddies and some sad weirdo online trolls. Addy is not a predator. He is an exemplary human being, a good father, he worked in the Criminal Justice field helping others and did daily community work (with NA, CA and AA) for free. He has a fiancé, a mother and all his ex-partners testify there has never ever been any “predatory” behaviour on his part, ever! Known to his YouTube followers as Addy AGame. He believes his video is nothing more than “a bunch of guys talking to a bunch of girls.” If you watch AGame’s videos they are exactly this.

Tubby Blob Debbie Jackson lies further by saying; “2 women have told the BBC they were left distressed by his approaches,” more about those #MeToo glory hunting munters later. Chubber Jackson oinks on, “Mr Ahmed, who calls himself a dating and lifestyle coach, has insisted what he does is educational and the footage and intimate audio he uses have been consented to.” This is actually true, well done Debbie! The reporter blabbes on, “part of his lesson includes what he calls infield footage – where he films himself putting his teaching into practice approaching women in the street and in some cases taking them home to have sex. One video pictured a woman asleep on a bed with explicit audio of a sexual encounter.” What is wrong with consensual sex Debbie? Also the journo nutter craftily put together different incidents from different videos in her writing to make it seem like one video.

OK Debbie, so Addy had consensual sex with these women, some of which is adventurous where a couple films each other, again consensual, then it is used for a dating businesses YouTube channel – with all parties involved permitting it to be shown! Also there is no actual pornographic video and all female participants identities are protected because their actual faces are not shown.

Hollow Hound Jackson also said, “a woman can be seen asleep next to a condom wrapper.” What’s wrong with using condoms Debbie, you may go around having endless casual sex with no protection spreading nasty diseases, but that doesn’t mean others should take part in the same filthy practices. Ahmed is an advocate of safe sex and making sure sex is consensual. Debbie Jackson wrote “sleeping woman next to a condom wrapper” to slander Ahmed. Debbie – always remember to wrap it up, safe sex is not a bad thing, it’s stops the spread of S.T.I’s.

Dodgy oddball Debbie Jackson added; “Maryhill and Springburn MSP Bob Doris said the videos were an unsavoury reminder of some views that are still held in society.” Old Bob needed the publicity! Dirty perv predator Bob Doris should know better than to talk to the corrupt swines at The BBC and the Scottish media. Bob, Adnan Ahmed is innocent, unlike Bob Doris pal and fellow MSP Mark McDonald who was found guilty of sexual harassment.

Bob Doris was involved with Mark McDonald, which The BBC did a report on, but were forced to take the article down, probably due to falsified information (just like all the BBC’s articles about Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame.) Bob Doris doesn’t know Addy, in fact Bob has nothing to do with Addy AGame, but blundering Bob had to comment on views (that were not even Ahmed’s) just to become visible as a creep that kisses feminist ass to gain popularity. Dirty Doris is 46 and was elected to his post in 2007 and due to his lack of ambition is still in the same dusty position. Addy’s girlfriend contacted bummy Bob Doris, after Ahmed’s wrongful remand to show evidence of Addy’s innocence.

However Bob Doris and his staff ignored the information and hid from the truth because he had already gained the publicity he needed from jumping on the bandwagon of Addy’s media scandal. Bob Doris does not care about the people of Glasgow, he is not fit to hold the position of an MSP, he doesn’t help the public and does not stand for the truth. Ahmed’s people went over Bob’s head and gained political support from the First Minister who made an effort to help Addy without desperately hunting for publicity like a predatory vulture!

Lying Debbie Jackson continued to report fake news; stating; “a woman who wanted to remain anonymous, also spoke to the BBC – it was uncomfortable. There are girls who are maybe not secure enough to say no and then they are in a situation they don’t want to be in.” This is absolutely insane. An anonymous source demonising a man, while assuming all women are weak and generalising every interaction. What is more insane is Police Scotland and Glasgow Sheriff Court Prosecutor Fiscal Pat Calendar, added this as a charge against Adnan Ahmed for which he will have to stand trial for. The anonymous BBC silhouette did not complain to the police, and on the indictment against Ahmed the non-complainer is identified as “female unknown to the prosecutor fiscal” and the charge is labelled as “threatening and abusive behaviour.” This is because prosecutors have nothing criminal on Adnan Ahmed. This is blatant corruption. They are chasing ghosts!

In the same article, Debbie Jackson quotes Ahmed as saying; “if the female declines to speaking, the male has to respect that and leave.” Which part of that puts anyone in a ‘situation they don’t want to be in’ as the anonymous slanderer put it?! The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because Police Scotland is a Micky Mouse force of hick villagers.

Debbie Jackson included in her article quoting false accusation that was reported to the media by Nicole Venus Barrett against Adnan Ahmed. These false allegations are disgusting, Red Pill Rights cross-referenced statements regarding this matter from Adnan Ahmed, along with all eye witness statements from David Kasonga, against the accuser’s contradicting police statement and press statement.

In the article, Venus Barrett states “she was 18 when Ahmed approached her on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street 3 years ago.” She claimed that “he was making me uncomfortable and tried to kiss me.” Ahmed responded “she gave me her number after a quick flirty interaction, we had a moment and nearly kissed, she turned away at the last moment saying I’m seeing someone, she gave her number afterwards”

Eye witness David Kasonga confirmed this saying, “I remember this girl because I saw her on the news after the media scandal concerning Adnan Ahmed. She lied on the news, they appeared to be having a conversation and laughing, he leaned his head slowly towards her as if he was whispering in her ear, she gave him her number afterwards.”

Barrett told the BBC “he tried to touch my hand…. I was scared.” In her police statement she contradicts this saying “he touched my face when he attempted to kiss me.” We asked Adnan Ahmed, he responded “I did not touch her face.” Eyewitness David Kasonga also confirmed “I know for a fact he didn’t touch her face, the only physical contact was a handshake when they parted ways, she did not seem scared or distressed at all, she was smiling.”

Barrett also told the BBC “I asked him what he was doing and not to come close to me, I had to phone a taxi and ask a member of the public if I could stand next to them.” Ahmed responded, “upon seeing her, I asked her what she was up to, this was not the first time we’d met, she said she was waiting for a taxi home, this was during the day outside Argos superstore on Stockwell Street with lots of people around, she didn’t go stand with anyone, I left after she gave me her number. If she had asked me not to come close to her I would have left, there was no sign or words of discomfort or fear, she was cracking jokes and smiling.”

Barrett further contradicted herself in the press stating “I took his number,” in her police statement she said “he texted me.” How can this be, how can you take his number and he texts you first? He would have to take her number to text her first! She also said (in her police statement), “I knew about his channel 3 years ago.” In the press Barrett said “she did not contact the police because she was scared.” She then said referring to the viral BBC The Social video defaming Ahmed “I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe that finally something had surfaced on this guy.”

Ok, so Barrett said she was “scared” to go to the police, but not scared to go to various media outlets and national television news to make false claims. She went to the press before she went to the police, she only spoke to the police months after going to the press because the police contacted her about making a statement to them to build a case. She actually didn’t go to the police even after the media scandal, they had to track her down.

We asked Ahmed about this, he said “she’s lying, she wants the fame from this horrible ordeal, her police statements and media statements contradict each other. I have an eye witness. I remember she looked like Lady Gaga when I first met her briefly in 2016. When I saw the press stuff she looked much less attractive, she didn’t age well, she did say she was into drugs, maybe that’s why.”

Nicole Barrett also claimed to the press that Mr Ahmed contacted her on Snapchat, texted and called her before she blocked his number. However, she told the police “he found me and contacted me on Instagram,” not mentioning Snapchat. In order to contact someone on Snapchat you have to have the person’s phone number or snap code, so either she gave her number to Ahmed or he is psychic.

We asked Mr Ahmed about this and he responded “I never contacted her on Instagram, check my followers/following lists, we did message briefly on Snapchat in 2016, she even told me the guy she was seeing was in prison at the time for something, she didn’t come out for a date, so I stopped contacting her, there was nothing more to discuss if we weren’t meeting up. I have never forced this girl, ever, and I was never blocked. I just stopped messaging. I deleted Snapchat around 2 years ago and used Instagram as it began to gain more popularity and had more features whilst Snapchat became less popular.”

Adnan Ahmed was set-up by BBC The Social’s video which caused mass hysteria depicting him as a terrifying figure, where in reality he is a good man and a caring father. He was working in Criminal Justice and studying in his 3rd year at university. He is in a committed relationship with a woman he says he loves dearly. People like Nicole Venus Barrett saw an opportunity for fame and added to the horrible negative publicity with no concern about ruining an innocent man’s life.

The worst part is that the Scottish Justice System is designed in such a way that females who make false accusations face limited punishment for their lies, if any legal repercussions at all. This is not justice, when did the media become more powerful that the law, this is a disgraceful miscarriage of justice.

Jerk-off Jackson also quoted monstrosity Sandy Brindley from Rape Crises who got involved in Ahmed’s media scandal to promote herself. Debbie Jackson wrote, “he argued that the view of Rape Crises were absurd. Mr Ahmed told the BBC; the allegations are false. Mr Ahmed insisted: no one is at risk of rape or assault. I have women in my family that I love dearly and this is a terrible accusation for me and them.” This is true, except Ahmed did not argue anything, he simply stated the facts.

Debbie Jackson has said “Sandy Brindley from Rape Crises Scotland, said she had approached police Scotland with concerns about Ahmed.” The glorified bum, Sandy Brindley has never met Glasgow dating coach Adnan Ahmed, however took it upon herself to approach the police regarding a man who has never raped anyone, nor ever been accused or linked with a horrible word like rape.

Overweight and delusional Sandy Brindley is the ultimate stereotype of an irresponsible hate fuelled separatist feminazi, hell bent on destroying men because of her saggy emotional baggage in regards to being rejected by men. If Brindley would improve her pudgy appearance and horrid ignorant personality, maybe she wouldn’t face as much rejection.

Sandy belongs to a group of insecure women who are mad at men because inwardly they are mad at themselves for letting themselves down. Her self-loathing and victim mentality is disguised as empowered justice and women’s rights; which is used to hurt any and every man who doesn’t follow the ideal that all women should be worshipped regardless of them being aggressive, mean, criminal or even fat. No Sandy, all human beings have the choice of who they want to be with and who they find attractive.

Trying to brainwash men into accepting mean women or big women as a sexual preference, even if they don’t want to is insane. Some men have that fetish, fair enough, but instead of ranting about “fat-shaming,” isn’t it medically obvious that excess body weight equals heart disease, depression, diabetes, etc, etc. It is simply not healthy and an absolute cop out. Doctors urge that men and women should choose to lose weight and eat right to live long and content lives, everyone is capable of doing so unless they have a medical condition that prevents this. Blaming psychological or genetic reasons is a lame excuse and out of touch with reality.

Sandy Brindley is quoted by many newspapers as saying “when someone is displaying what seems to be predatory behaviour.” After watching Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed’s online “game” videos it is clear that he is simply having short flirty conversations with females who are willing participants, which ends at most, with an exchange of content details. How is that predatory Sandy? The real stalker behaviour is displayed by Brindley who contacted the police regarding this, to justify having her useless job, which serves no purpose in this instance, how about you actually help real rape victims Sandy or is that too difficult, as you may have to do some actual work rather than cheat the Scottish government to fund your bummy reptilian “Rape Crises” organisations.

The “intimate images” referred to by Brindley are not illegal and are permitted to be online. She goes onto say “…to establish whether or not consent has been given and the impact it is having on the women is approaching.” Any woman Glasgow dating coach Adnan Ahmed has ever dated or slept with has not complained against him, they have had the opportunity to do so and did not. In fact, Ahmed has received support from a number of them. Addy AGame Ahmed is not the inventor of online YouTube dating videos, this is a concept that is global, especially in Western Nations. Uploads from massive multi-million pound dating companies happen on an almost daily basis. Ahmed’s videos are tame compared to his counterparts in London and the States. No one has faced backlash like this.

There is a clear link between this over reaction and the venomous women’s groups with small hick-town mentality in a place like Glasgow, compared to open-minded independent thinking women in London and the U.S.A who see this as a non-issue. Brindley continued “misogyny is not a crime but I think a number of behaviours shown in the videos I have seen – arguably are caught by criminal law, “this is utter non-sense. Sandy Brindley fumes at Ahmed meeting slim, pretty women and calls him a misogynist because he teaches other men to do the same. She fails to detail what behaviours are “arguably caught by criminal law.” The facts are that no one do.

Ahmed faces no charges in regards to his dating videos, because they contain nothing illegal, even the filming of the videos is legal. Brindley is surprisingly right about one thing – misogyny is not a crime, but labelling an innocent man misogynist (when he clearly is not) is slander and reporting it to the police is absolute lunacy.

The corrupt BBC hack referred to Ahmed again in regards to the police, stating; “he intended to fully co-operate with the police as: I respect them.” The police didn’t respect him. they set him up and acted irresponsibly in the media.

Police Scotland are quoted as saying Ahmed’s behaviour was “predatory and would cause fear and alarm”, after succumbing to media pressure from aggressive online feminists and blood thirsty journalists. Initially when BBC The Social’s video degrading Adnan Ahmed went viral, Police Scotland are quoted as saying “we cannot follow up on this as there is no actual crime to investigate, no crime has been committed.” They were quick to change their tune after BBC The Social’s video gained millions of views and began a witch-hunt amongst the public because of how it was edited and how it portrayed Adnan Ahmed as a demonic sexual caricature, rather than the responsible understanding life coach that he is.

It’s totally bizarre and shockingly worrying that a country’s police force can’t withstand pressure from online trolls and can be manipulated so easily by faceless crazies on the internet. Yes, Scotland is a very small country, but that does not excuse the stupid backward policing tactics used for this matter. There should never have been an arrest in the first place. The police were aware of Ahmed’s dating business 3 years prior to BBC The Social’s hate fuelled video falsely demonising him. They spoke to Mr Ahmed about it on a number of occasions in casual conversation. Both male and female officers approved of it. There are phone calls and written police reports to confirm this.

Adnan Ahmed worked in conjunction with the police, as his job as a Criminal Justice Practitioner made this inevitable. Ahmed’s behaviour was never “predatory”. He ran an online dating business on YouTube for all to see; his clients, video demonstrations and spontaneous conversations with any women were all during the day on well populated busy city centre streets. He wasn’t hiding anything, so how can his actions be described as predatory, shameful or dangerous?

Police Scotland are supposed to investigate matters neutrally and without prejudice. Instead they contributed to the media mayhem by making comments defaming a man who is not guilty of an actual crime, but was charged, indicted and remanded regardless. The police are now tying to fish for a conviction to cover their mistakes and to not face legal action themselves. At the time of writing this, Ahmed has been on remand for the past 6 months, he has been held in custody, untried and without the option of bail since January 2019.

The Sheriff Court indictment has been designed in such a way to convict Adnan Ahmed on a technicality of Scottish Law (Moorov/ corroboration) rather than using substantial hard evidence, because there is none. Ahmed is not permitted to present vital evidence that proves his innocence because of Scottish court laws that protect prosecution witnesses, even if they are lying.

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