Hypocrite Nicola Sturgeon vs Addy Agame (Not Guilty!)

The slimy Scottish press stated; “Nicola Sturgeon told Scottish Parliament she was utterly sickened by what she saw,” in regards to Addy Agame. It’s quite strange how suddenly Nicola Sturgeon’s office then helped Adnan Ahmed’s girlfriend with advice on his case after his arrest, a bit hypocritical Nicola. Though Sturgeon is no stranger to hypocrisy, she was a sub-ordinate of her former boss Alex Salmond who was accused of multiple rapes and serious assaults while Nicola Sturgeon worked for him, she hasn’t said this is “utterly sickening,” I guess she condones real sickening behaviour. Ahmed on the other hand faced no such charges and only had “section 38 breach of the peace” (unfairly and wrongfully) to answer to.

Maybe Nicola is miffed as to why Alex didn’t go for her or maybe she’s like any other dishonest politician – she conveniently chimes in when it gets her public support! Sturgeon recently announced she wants Scotland to be a feminist state with female only MPs, that is sexist Nicola. If all the men left Scotland it would crumble into jelly. Sturgeon was also recently asked to apologise for a disgraceful comment she made dismissing the pay concerns of a serving police officer. Nicola also joined the hate-campaign against serving Prime Minister Boris Johnson over Brexit. Come on Nicola, don’t be jealous because he’s a male MP and because he is what you’ll never be – Prime Minister of the UK! Though Sturgeon does have one thing in common with Boris, they both have the same hairstyle, except Boris’ suits him. Nicola Sturgeon should be helping Adnan Ahmed and his family, they are Scottish citizens and suffered a massive injustice at the hands of the media, instead of irresponsibly condemning an innocent man who was wrongfully convicted for something that isn’t even a crime under Scottish Law!

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