Apr 13, 2021


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Innocent Father Given €23,300 In Compensation After Being Wrongfully Convicted & Spending A Year In Jail Because His False Accuser Daughter Lied About Being Molested On Instructions From Her Bitter Mother

Innocent man Emmanuel Camilleri was awarded €23,000 in compensation for spending more than a year in jail based on a false claim that he sexually molested his underage daughter.

The award was granted in an appeal court judgment overturning a previous court’s decision.

Emmanuel Camilleri spent a total of 397 days behind bars after wrongfully being found guilty of defiling his lying daughter.

It was based on a lie, with his false accuser daughter subsequently admitting that she had spun the tale about being sexually molested after being spurred on by her bitter mother who was Emmanuel Camilleri’s ex.

The First Hall, Civil Court, in its constitutional jurisdiction, quashed the conviction. That decision was confirmed a year later by the Constitutional Court on appeal.

Mr Camilleri’s daughter was found guilty of giving false testimony!

Her father then filed another case claiming compensation from the state for the wrongful conviction.

Initially the claim was rejected with the court saying that Camilleri’s injustice stemmed from wrongdoing committed by a private individual, namely his daughter.

Camilleri appealed and the court’s shoddy verdict and overturned that decision.

The court, presided over by Mr Justices Anthony Ellul, Robert Mangion and Toni Abela, ruled that although it was true that the injustice Camilleri had suffered was because of his lying daughter’s false testimony, she was later found guilty of giving false evidence.

This, the court said, was a new fact which showed there had been a miscarriage of justice.

It awarded Camilleri €23,293.73 in compensation.

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