Feb 18, 2021


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Innocent Man Grant Townsend Took His Own Life After False Rape Accusation Court Acquittal Because Of Continued Stigma Despite His Innocence Being Proven

A young man from Hull, Grant Townsend, who was described as a “loveable rogue who always wore a smile” tragically took his own life following a rape trial acquittal. Grant Townsend, 26, who lived in Starella Grove, west Hull, was discovered by his mother in the house after struggling with mental health issues for a number of years because of the horrible false allegation.

Born in Kent, the court heard how the breakdown of Grant’s parents relationship led to their relocation to Hull where he started secondary school at Pickering High School. His mother told the court it was then that Grant “was bullied for his accent and began hanging around with the wrong crowd”. Evidence from Grant’s mother, Keely Gillbey, told the court that Grant had “found it difficult to understand and cope with knowing what his mum had been through. He was later accused of rape and was found innocent but believed the title of rapist would never go away.”

His mother told the court it was after these accusations that Grant found it difficult to leave the house but that he continued to tell her that he was alright and didn’t need any support, despite his mother later finding a suicide note in his room where “he claimed his innocence”.

She told the court that the pair never discussed the note but that Grant must have known she knew because she had disposed of the tablets found in his room.

Keely discovered the body her son on returning home from work, and despite neighbours performing CPR, paramedics confirmed Grant had sadly passed away. A sad story of yet another innocent young man whose life has ended due to a horrible lie, while the false accuser female lives anonymously protected by the corrupt UK justice system and able to target more young men!

Read the full story here; https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/news/hull-east-yorkshire-news/tragedy-grant-townsend-takes-life-4995456

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