May 31, 2021


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Innocent Man Paul Nungesser Wins Lawsuit Against University After Compulsive Liar Emma Sulkowilz Falsely Accused Him Of Rape, Stalked & Harassed Him For Years (Because He Dumped Her)

If you haven’t heard of the “mattress girl,” it’s not for lack of trying among liberal opinion-shapers. Emma Sulkowicz, who dragged a blue mattress around Columbia University’s campus for years to dramatise her false plight as a rape victim, was profiled sympathetically in New York magazine, the New York Times, and other trash mainstream news publications. Her fake story is this: A consensual sexual encounter with a male student named Paul Nungesser suddenly turned violent.

We can debate why false accusations of sexual misconduct and rape have become such pressing problems (spoiler alert: it has everything to do with the sexual revolution and hook-up culture), but facts are stubborn things, and it has become clear that in Sulkowicz’s case, Nungesser, not she, was almost certainly the victim.

Sulkowicz filed charges with the university and the New York police. (She later alleged that the New York police mistreated her). Both investigated. Both declined to take action against him. It was then that Sulkowicz undertook her mattress performance as an attempt to falsely brand Nungesser a rapist and drive him from Columbia. He was shunned.

Sulkowicz launched a full-on harassment campaign. In the summer of 2014, other students and a professor pressured Nungesser to drop out of a scholarship-paid class trip to Russia, Mongolia, and China. That October, on a “Day of Action’”against sexual assault, several mattress-toting activists showed up in one of his classes, where they stared at him and took his picture. Keyboard warriors in the social media urged making his life “a living hell” and sometimes called for violent retaliation.

Nungesser finished his degree, but he also supplied evidence to Young that totally undermines the case against him — evidence that was not even admitted to the tribunal that cleared him. Nungesser produced Facebook messages the two exchanged within 48 hours of the fake rape that didn’t happen. In one, Nungesser invited her to a “small shindig” in his room and asked her to “bring cool freshmen.” She replied “lol yussss. i’ll be over w da females soon. Also I feel like we need to have some real time where we can talk about life and thingz because we still haven’t really had a paul-emma chill sesh since summmmerrrr.” Ten days later, she texted him “whatever I want to see yoyououoyou. Respond — I’ll get the message on ma phone.” After he sent her an effusive message on her birthday, she responded, “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!” Paul dumped her, she wanted revenge!

Columbia settled a lawsuit Nungesser had filed. While the details are confidential, the university issued a statement acknowledging that “after the conclusion of the investigation, Paul’s remaining time at Columbia became very difficult for him and not what Columbia would want any of its students to experience. . . . Columbia will continue to review and update its policies toward ensuring that every student — accuser and accused, including those like Paul who are found not responsible — is treated respectfully and as a full member of the Columbia community.” Nungesser’s parents told Newsweek that they felt vindicated after what they described as a “four-year effort” to clear his name.

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