Jul 31, 2020


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Izu Mmadubueze Commits Suicide Because Of False Rape Accusation, The Accusers Mocked Him Online After His Death

Izu Mmadubueze ended his own life after being accused of rape. People on Twitter expressed outrage and demanded justice for the young man who reportedly committed suicide after he was added to a “list of rapists” on Twitter.

Izu’s friend disclosed this information stating; “I just received a very troubling phone call in respect of Izu Mmadubueze. He is a relation of mine, who lived alone in Florida, USA. It has been confirmed that Izu from Umueze Anam, Anambra State, apparently committed suicide owing to false accusations of rape by this lady and her friends.”

Izu’s death has provoked outrage on Twitter with users demanding justice with the hashtag #JusticeForIzu. Social media users have called for tough punishment for people who falsely accuse others of rape or sexual harassment to curb the trend of ‘weaponising’ rape.

Read the full story here; https://guardian.ng/news/outrage-as-man-commits-suicide-after-being-accused-of-rape/

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