Oct 08, 2019


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Jennifer Arcuri Defends Boris Johnson And Shuns Slimy UK Media

US business women Jennifer Arcuri defended Boris Johnson and refused six times to say whether she had an intimate relationship with him to the press.

On Good Morning Britain, presenter Piers Morgan asked Jennifer Arcuri if she had an affair with Boris Johnson. She replied;

“These are insinuations and third-party hearsay and no, I wouldn’t be going around blabbing to people at my school, that’s just completely preposterous….would you like me to ask about your sex life? I thought about this a lot when the story broke. Of course the first initial reaction is to deny everything…when I saw the way I’m objectified and dragged through the press with all these misquotes and misinterpretations of who I am. If I’d looked a different way or if I was a man, I wouldn’t be objectified this way..”

She continued: “I think we’re forgetting that Boris is extremely personable….He was always a really good friend…now I’m dragged into the middle of this horrific scandal the answer that I’m going to give is now going to be weaponized against this man. It’s really categorically no one’s business what private life we had or didn’t have.”

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