Joe Michael Yexley Convicted in Scottish Criminal Court For Staring At A Women

Joe Michael Yexley Jailed for Staring At Glasgow Pharmacy Assistant


Joe Michael Yexley was jailed for standing outside a pharmacy window in Glasgow and looking at the counter assistant. The court was told that Yexley entered the pharmacy at around 10:50am on the 18th September 2017. An assistant asked him if he required help and he asked for an item which was out of stock. Joe Michael Yexley then left the pharmacy and turned and looked into the pharmacy catching the assistant’s eye.

The police were then called but Joe had already left. The following day he walked by the pharmacy and the police were again phoned and Yexley was arrested for “menacing behaviour.” He was the sentenced to 70 days in prison. Reading this story it is clear that the law has clearly gone mad. Yexley admitted to staring but it’s ridiculous he was jailed for 70 days. It’s his eyes, he can look where he pleases. Did anyone get hurt or harmed? No, so how was his behaviour “menacing.” What’s next? Will a man get arrested and convicted for breathing the same air as a woman.

This is what feminism in Scotland has done to us. Feminism has gone very wrong!

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