Jordan Peterson Film Pulled From Cinemas By Social Justice Warriors Because It Is Too Truthful For Fake “PC” Western Culture

A documentary tracking the rise of conservative figure Jordan Peterson has struggled to get to the big screen in Canada with the creators stating the difficulties signal deeper problems in the West.

Peterson rose to international prominence for his vocal and unapologetic opposition to extreme political correctness and identity politics. He received a vast amount of support worldwide – but also many critics also, delusionally labelling him a transgender-hating custodian of the patriarchy.

Patricia Marcoccia, the director of the documentary witnessed Peterson’s rise to becoming an international phenomenon which formed the basis for the documentary. A week before the film was due to air in Canada it was was cancelled due to complaints by some employees who were uncomfortable with Peterson as the documentary subject.

Apparently controversial subject matters are not allowed on our screens anymore, as political correctness is gaining more and more influence over what is acceptable to say in public. The film producer Maziar Ghaderi stated;

“These days politics in the West have become so polarised that people don’t even speak with people that they disagree with – and social media makes it really easy to do that, and that’s very said. The political stuff shouldn’t be the centre of your world.” There is no free speech in the West, it’s a feminazi state!

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