Mar 25, 2021


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Judge Jails False Rape Accuser Sarah Browne Labelling Her Crime ‘The Worst Allegation A Woman Could Make Against A Man’

A vile lying woman, Sarah Browne, was given a one-month jail sentence after she made a false allegation of rape, which the judge described as ‘the worst allegation a woman could make against a man’.

Sarah Browne, with no fixed abode but formerly of 7 Main Street, Kiltimagh, was sentenced to three months imprisonment by Judge Fiona Lydon, with the final two months suspended. The 21 year old made the false allegation against a man after meeting him in Westport. She later withdrew the allegation.

Sentencing liar Browne at Castlebar District Court, Judge Lydon said: “This man lost his liberty as a result of his arrest, detention and questioning. This man considers he is labelled in his community as a result of her false statement,” she said.

The matter first came before the court  after Browne was charged with giving a false statement to An Garda Síochána. Ms Browne, who was 19 at the time, made the report to gardaí in Westport shortly after the incident was alleged to have occurred outside a Westport pub. However, in a follow up statement, she withdrew the complaint, saying that she thought it was rape at the time but she did give consent.

Sentencing was adjourned on a number of occasions to allow horrid Browne to engage with the probations services. However, she missed a number of appointments and was charged with a public order offence. A bench warrant was also issued for her arrest after she failed to appear in court on one occasion.

Mr William O’Connor, solicitor for Ms Browne, said he believes his client has issues that she needs to address. Judge Lydon noted that in the victim impact statement, the accused man said that he does not know whether people believe that he is innocent. Sarah Browne should have got 6-8 years because this is what the innocent man would have had to serve if he was wrongfully convicted of the false allegation!

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