Kavanaugh Accusation Is A Perfect Example Of All That’s Wrong With #MeToo

The Out-of-nowhere Sexual Abuse Claim Concerning Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh Contained Alarming Aspects of the #MeToo Movement


There was no direct, or circumstantial evidence, or eyewitness statements proving that a drunk teenage Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh really pinned down Blasey Ford on the bed, and tried to rape her while covering her mouth with his hand, during a house party. In fact, other than this vivid scene, the accuser has failed to remember the dates or places or context of the events. Beyond that: as soon as the story broke, when the details were still just anonymous hearsay, for some that was enough to disqualify the nominee.

While reputation has always mattered, a person used to be able to clear his or her name via the law. The #MeToo movement insists that even those who have been accused or convicted of no crimes can be just as guilty.

It doesn’t matter that there was no police report in the Kavanaugh case, no investigation, and that the FBI has repeatedly insisted that there is nothing to investigate, despite demands from the accuser’s legal team.

Kavanaugh’s only recourse was to accuse her of slander, and hope that the ensuing process doesn’t bring out more unflattering claims, while knowing for sure that those who considered him guilty in the first place will likely not change their mind

These accusations were from decades ago. Previously, the strength of a case would grow weaker the longer ago the alleged crime was. Evidence was impossible to collect, social norms changed, people grew and reformed. The statute of limitations is a legal reflection of that.

#MeToo has turned this on its head. It is a corrupt movement.

Charges from the distant past are harder to disprove, it is easier to paint the 1980s as a war zone of sexual abuse but if you squint hard enough you can picture the white-bread square Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a marauding party-boy.

To mention that the accusers are motivated by money, hunger for publicity, career ambitions, personal grudges or political views is impermissible within the #MeToo conversation. However that is the actual reality of the situation; attention-starved, man-hating feminists out for the blood of the men they so desperately want to be!

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