Jan 27, 2021


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Killer Feminist Mother Erin Pascal Pushed Her 2 Kids Off A 9-Story Building Roof Before Jumping To Her Own Death (Yet The Slimy Media Paint Her As Victim!)

Erin Pascal from Boston pushed her two young children off a parking garage roof and then took her own life by leaping to her death in a double murder-suicide.

Erin, 40, was named as the woman whose body was found near the sidewalk alongside her two young kids. According to the authorities, she threw the children off the nine-story building before plunging to her own death. Pascal’s husband had called the police to say that the couple had an argument and she was suicidal.

The dirt-bag mainstream media stated; ‘it is not known what specifically drove her to murder-suicide, but Rollins shared that their deaths highlight the ‘invisible struggles’ that people face when it comes to mental illnesses. Rollins added, “For a parent to come to a place in which they harm their children in this way indicates that their mental health struggles were severe and in need of immediate support.” The press are scum, this woman may have been disturbed but it doesn’t excuse the fact that she murdered children. The mainstream media will twist even the most horrid act and paint a different picture, this is inexcusable!

The leftist feminist press continued; “This Christmas Day tragedy demonstrates the urgency of addressing mental health, suicide, and homicide. We have to do more to address these significant public health issues that impact all of us and Suffolk County. Most importantly, I want to extend my sincere condolences to this family, Rollins shared. The police have not found any suicide notes and there are no known complaints about Pascal.”

Wow, forget mental health, let’s address the deaths of innocent children that you hacks swept under the carpet because they were committed by a female!

Read the full story here; https://meaww.com/boston-mother-push-children-9-story-building-parking-garage-roof-jump-death-murder-suicide-christmas

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