Apr 19, 2021


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Liberal Female Counsellor Raeshel Lawrence Charged For Making False Rape Claim & Theft Via Money Raised By Her Fake Victim Narrative

A liberal feminist woman raised nearly $2,800 on GoFundMe after falsely claiming to be the victim of a rape and home invasion, according to court documents.

Raeshel Lawrence, 34, of Kennewick, was charged in Benton County Superior Court with second-degree theft, a felony, and false reporting, a gross misdemeanour.

The Department of Health also has charged her with unprofessional conduct. At the time of the theft she was registered as a counsellor but the credential has since expired.

She called 911 to falsely report a stranger barged into her house and raped her, according to court documents.

Liar Lawrence told police, when interviewed at the Richland hospital, that she must have forgotten to lock the door after a visit from her husband. They were separated and she was living in Richland.

She lied and stated a man she did not recognise entered her home and raped her despite her attempts to fight back. She took several photos of her injuries and then called 911.

A police investigation found that the light-weight stand of drawers she said she pushed at her attacker had no damage, including to a glass jar on top of it. A detective tried several times over the next week to interview her, but she repeatedly declined.

At some point in the 10 days after the alleged attack, she asked a friend to start an online fundraiser for her. Lawrence said she was going to be out of work without pay for two weeks because of her injuries. The friend created a GoFundMe account so that money would deposit directly to Lawrence’s bank account.

About 59 people made donations to the account, according to court documents. Lawrence had spent some of the money before she was accused of lying about the attack.

Charges were filed after police checked the call and text history on her phone and her husband’s phone.

Among the discrepancies were a text to her husband five minutes after she started photographing her injuries, saying she was fine and wanted to go to sleep, according to court documents.

Her estranged husband did not know of the break-in and rape report until the next day, according to phone reports.

Police say that her injuries were self-inflicted, and DNA results from the rape kit showed evidence that she had consensual sex before claiming she was attacked, according to court documents.

False accusations are a monetised hustle for women in this dumb era of feminist emotionalism, beware of the libtard psychos gentlemen!

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