Jul 29, 2020


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London School Governor; Maureen Griffin Wrongfully Accused Of Homophobia For Not Wanting Her Children To Take Part In LGBT Studies

A London school governor has been suspended for questioning the study of LGBT themes. Maureen Griffin now fears she may be fired. She stated; “I said I wouldn’t let my sons get involved with this, what about the family? One of the teacher governors got up and walked out. The Clark of governess started ranting at me saying things like ‘look what you’ve gone and done.”

Maureen was then asked if she was going to resign to which she said no. Maureen was then told that if she did not resign there would be an investigation. She now fears she will be fired for her opinion on the LGBT curriculum.

Watch the full story here; https://www.facebook.com/RTnews/videos/743626249442779/

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