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Louise Porton Jailed For Life For The Murder of Her Daughters

Louise Porton Killed Her Two Daughters

Louise Porton killed three year old Lexi Draper and 17 month old Scarlett Vaughan. She denies killing both her daughters who died 18 days apart.

The mother was found guilty of the murder and jailed for a minimum of 32 years in August 2019. It was found during the trial that she did not seem distressed by the deaths of her two daughters.

Lousie suffocated Lexi in the early hours of 15 January 2018, and was then heard “laughing” at a funeral parlour two days before killing Scarlett on 1 February.

Jurors heard Porton accepted 41 friend requests on a dating app just a day after Lexi died, and was described by prosecutors as being “calm and emotionless” following Scarlett’s death.

When Lexi was unwell in hospital, over a week before she died, Porton took topless photos in the toilers and was arranging to perform sex acts for money with a man she had met through a website.

Both Lexi and Scarlett’s deaths were consistent with deliberate airway obstruction, and doctors “could not find any natural reason” for their deaths.

Warwickshire Police said it was also “clear from the evidence” that Porton had tried to kill her three-year-old twice before, in early January 2018, before eventually succeeding.

In a victim impact statement, the children’s father, Chris Draper, said he was “broken”.

“Why did Louise do something so evil to our beautiful daughters? You are their mother, the person supposed to care for them, protect and love them.

“They were just an inconvenience to you; how could you do this?”

“I sit and think day and night and I can’t understand why my two little girls were taken away because Louise wanted to sleep around.”

He added: “I hate Louise. No punishment will ever be enough as I will never get my daughters back.”

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