Lying Bully @kdownonit Makes False Allegations About “Talking” To Addy Agame (NOTE – Adnan Ahmed Was Found Not Guilty / Innocent And Acquitted Of This False Allegation)

@kdownonit Lies, Cheats And Bluffs A Made Up Story About Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame On Twitter, Whilst She Bullies And Abuses People Who Expose Her Fake Claims

The Scottish Media had no dirt on Adnan Ahmed so resorted to reporting Twitter feeds of trolls, one of whom said they “fled in terror” because he simply talked to them and that he got “so aggressive,” (not physically or verbally) without defining the word aggressive.

The vile Scottish Media said, “the unnamed Glaswegian revealed to her Twitter followers how Ahmed offered to walk with her but became so aggressive after she spurned his advances.” This “unnamed” Glaswegian revealed her own identity as@kdownonit on Twitter. This female felt it was necessary to take this non-issue to social media on 10th January 2019 after the BBC Social video defaming Adnan Ahmed and his dating business went viral. On the indictment the incident supposedly took place on 22nd March 2018, nearly a year previously. @kdownonit didn’t go to the police on 22nd March 2018 or on 10th January 2019, instead she went on Twitter to lap up the #MeToo attention, claiming Ahmed attempted to have a short conversation with her which caused her annoyance. (NOTE – AHMED WAS FOUND ‘NOT GUILTY’ OF THIS INCIDENT, HIS INNOCENCE WAS PROVEN DUE TO THE FACT THE COMPLAINER WAS PROVEN TO BE A LYING PERJURER!) 

This incident was crazily listed on Ahmed’s charge sheet as a “section 38 breach of the peace” after the police hunted down @kdownonit for comment, because she failed to make any police report (because nothing happened that equates to a crime), despite hecklers on social media urging her to do so because they felt she was lying.

The Scottish Media sensationalised her tweets which prompted the police to investigate her false accusations and extreme exaggerations. The newspaper wrote; “the frightened female told on Twitter how she’d been approached by Ahmed in Glasgow city centre.” @kdownonit is not a “frightened female” at all, she went on social media boldly and swore at anyone who exposed her as a liar; she bullied and argued with hecklers if they dared call her bluff. @kdownonit is lying, nothing happened, she is being a drama queen as it gives her much wanted attention on Twitter, that she craves.

The Scottish Media lied further saying; “woman claims she was shaken with fear and had to flee into a nearby hotel to ask them, to phone her a taxi to get her home because she was terrified he was on drugs.” This is complete bullshit! If she was “terrified” why did she not ask the hotel for help or call the police straight away?! If she was “shaken with fear” she would have asked for help, she didn’t because @kdownonit is a liar and made it up. She did not “flee” or “run” to a nearby hotel to phone a taxi, she has a smartphone she uses very regularly for Twitter. She said in her statement to the police (contradicting her Twitter rant) that she walked away and was not followed, so why did she have to run or flee?! She didn’t! She only went to the hotel to call a taxi because her phone battery was dead and decided to make up the incident to get famous from a bogus #MeToo campaign.

Furthermore, Ahmed doesn’t take drugs. This is a well documented fact. His job as a criminal justice practitioner had a mandatory drug test requirement, he would not be able to work if he had any drugs in his system. This is a disgusting accusation made by The Scottish Media and by @kdownonit.

The Scottish Media quoted @kdownonit’s Twitter comments; stating; “captioning BBC The Social’s video, she posted online: A can confirm that this guy asked if he could walk me home when a just finished work at 9pm next to the Clyde then got so aggressive with me when a declined that a had to run inty a hotel and ask them to phone me a taxi. How the fuck is he not in jail.”

Firstly she uses “A” instead of “I” and “inty” instead of “into.” Low-intelligence writing by a clear idiot and liar! She also captioned the BBC Social viral video that defamed Ahmed’s dating business, which further show’s her fame chasing and attention seeking intentions. Once again @kdownonit is not clear about what she means as “aggressive.” @kdownonit did say that Addy shouted at her when she made her false claims of Twitter! However after the police hunted her down she changed her story saying “he spoke to me for maybe a couple of minutes, I walked away, it sounded like he was swearing and shouting when I was quite a distance away, but I can’t be sure it was at me.

This is a totally different story to Twitter – he did not swear, he did not follow, she did not flee or run – because it is a made up story. Where is the “aggressive” she spoke of on Twitter, there’s nothing “aggressive!”

Look at the language @kdownonit uses online, “how the fucks he not in jail?” In jail for what?! Nothing happened and even if it did, in jail for a guy asking to walk a girl home and the girl declining?! This is delusional gas-lighting and horrible behaviour. @kdownonit’s transparent false claims didn’t stop with just Addy, she shot down all hecklers who called out her falseness and inconsistencies.

The Scottish Media continued quoting her Twitter feed; “feel like a need to explain maself cos of some idiots in the comments, a never phoned the police because a had just come out of work late I was shaking with fear and my main concern was getting home safely, I thought he was on drugs or something by the way he was staring at me.” How convenient. OK let’s for arguments sake say @kdownonit did want to “get home safely,” why did she not call the police when she got home on 22nd March 2018. Furthermore why did she not call the police on 10th January 2019 when The BBC Social video came out; why did the police have to find her?!

We’ll tell you why because nothing happened, it’s all lies. She comments on Addy “being on drugs and staring at her.” In her police statement she accuses Addy of “being drunk” but doesn’t say he was “staring” yet more striking contradictions! Addy does not drink or use drugs as detailed earlier.

@kdownonit bullied, abused and made excuses when online hecklers called out her lies. ly@wee  frumpy said – you can still report it now. @kdownonit made up the following excuse commenting back; “I’m in Asia atm and won’t be back in the country for another 12 months so unsure if there’s anything I can do at the moment.” This was a complete lie as the police tracked her down in Scotland within a week and took her statement. The real reason @kdownonit didn’t go to the police was because firstly there was no crime, secondly she just wanted to hype up the #MeToo uproar online, thirdly she was lying and exaggerating and lastly if she went to the police she may get caught in her lie. @kdownonit then went onto label Ahmed’s staff as a “gang” and called them “absolute horrible bastards.”

An account called DittyBopper also responded to @kdownonit’s gas-lighting comment “how the fucks he not in jail,” by saying – “because you phoned a taxi and not the police.” Paddy @paddyB1988 also said the same thing. @kdownonit responded venomously saying; “aw fuck up n stop victim bullying, you don’t even know what you’re talking about you idiot.” OK so “fuck up” means “shut the fuck up.” @kdownonit also shames the guy saying he’s “victim blaming,” a victim of what? Even if @kdownonit’s false claims were true, it would mean a “victim” of a conversation, that is absolutely insane! Paddy shaken up by the online abuse and bullying replied, “I’m not victim blaming just suggesting it may have been an idea to report to the police.” @kdownonit then responded with another blatant lie saying; “they’re aware of the situation and have been for over a year.” This is totally false as she didn’t report anything to the police, @kdownonit then continued her false claims and disgusting language on Twitter saying, “absolute freak, he was intimidating, I actually burst into tears while watching the video and thought of all the other poor girls.”

Again the drama queen, @kdownonit thought of no one but herself getting 5 seconds of fame. She didn’t “burst into tears” she had no reason to and how was she “intimidated” she wasn’t, the only thing that is intimidating is @kdownonit’s online lies, bullying and abuse. Labelling innocent people “freaks” and “bastards” online in an attempt to glory hunt are the actions of a real freaky bastard!

The Scottish Media continued their over-inflated sensationalised garbage quoting @kdownonit’s lies on Twitter further; “he was stumbling over his words, a couldn’t understand what he was saying then he started shouting at me as I walked away.” @kdownonit told the police she walked away first and thought Ahmed was shouting from a distance, but she couldn’t be sure it was at her! Also the fact she said she “walked away” contradicts the claim she made about “running” to a hotel. Also Addy is a trained public speaker, even on YouTube he never “stumbles over his words.” This is a fairy story. @kdownonit is quoted as adding to her contradictions saying “then once I got in the taxi the driver started laughing n went – want me to batter him for you. I thought I was overreacting and didn’t expect him to be repeatedly harassing other girls.”

The taxi driver laughed because of the context @kdownonit told her story, in a funny way. That is if he exists at all! A taxi driver offering to “batter” Addy is an attempt by the cabbie to impress @kdownonit. Report the driver to the police for getting “aggressive” @kdownonit! A out of shape Glasgow cab driver is only able to “batter” deep fried chocolate bars, he’d get his arse beat down in the streets. Addy Agame has never “repeatedly harassed” anyone. He spoke to girls he found attractive for the purpose of dating them or teaching clients. He has the right to do so. @kdownonit admitted, “I thought I was over reacting” that’s because she was. She didn’t think it was an issue until The BBC Social video came out nearly a year later and even then she didn’t report a crime, because there is no crime to report, it is total fabrication.

We approached Adnan Ahmed for a comment on this incident, he said; “I don’t recall this at all, it either didn’t happen or was such a insignificant incident I have no memory of it. What she is saying happened is a lie, that’s quite apparent from the amount of inconsistencies and contradictions in her stories. Plus its obvious she is lying. I don’t shout and swear at girls when I chat to them, I’ve documented on YouTube telling clients to never take a failed interaction personally and move on to the next girl straight away, without showing any negative emotion, I’ve made full videos about this topic, the press and the public have seen them. @kdownonit is lying. Also, I don’t drink alcohol or use drugs, once again I taught my clients about not getting intoxicated in order to have better mental and emotional health in numerous videos.

These claims are crazy and childish, anyone with half a brain can see it’s absolute nonsense and totally stupid behaviour on her part. I don’t follow people, I talk to them standing stationary, I give myself a time constraint to put them at ease and allow myself to leave quickly if they are weird. I only ever walk with someone if I happen to be going in the same direction” This seems to be another case of no actual offence being committed and the accuser having no inclination in her mind that there was a crime until the BBC Social video defaming Ahmed’s dating business went viral. That is if they even met at all!

(NOTE – Adnan Ahmed was found not guilty and acquitted of this charge).

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