Mainstream Media Lie and Demonise People, Causing Them to Commit Suicide

The Love Island Scandal. The British Mainstream Media are Filthy Lying Scum with no Regard for Human Life

Montana Brown urged people especially mainstream media to be “a little bit nicer, a little bit kinder” after her friend and fellow Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis killed himself in March 2019.

Thalassitis was the second cast member of the programme to die by suicide, following the death in June 2018 of Sophie Gradon, who appeared on the show the year before him. Their deaths and that of a former contestant of ITV’s Jeremy Kyle show have led to intense scrutiny of the care given to those who appear on reality shows and notice of the mainstream media backlash many contestants receive.

Montana Brown stated “I think it’s important when someone dies in this way that you don’t give up on the memory. I think a lot of people are scared to talk about it, but it is important to let him memory live on. I have definitely changed the way that I live my life and I urge others to do the same.”

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