Nov 28, 2020


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Male English Teacher Will Knowland, Dismissed For Saying Masculinity Is Not Toxic And Questioning Evil Radical Feminism

An Eton College master has been sacked after preparing a lecture which questioned ‘current radical feminist orthodoxy’. Will Knowland, who taught English at the £42,500-a-year school in Berkshire for nine years, said he was dismissed over a lesson titled ‘The Patriarchy Paradox’.

He said he was appealing the gross misconduct claim and will go to a employment tribunal if it is unsuccessful.  The class was for older students taking the Perspectives module, where they are told to critique topics of public debate.

It was made as a virtual lecture to be put on the college’s intranet due to the coronavirus crisis, but it was never aired. Eton has been accused of ‘prioritising emotional safety over intellectual challenge’ after banning the lesson.

Mr Knowland stated: ‘The head master felt that some of the ideas put forward in my lecture – such as the view that men and women differ psychologically and not all of those differences are socially constructed – were too dangerous for the boys to be exposed to.”

He continued; “I explained to the head master that I wasn’t endorsing all the ideas in my lecture, but I wanted the boys to be made aware of a different point of view to the current radical feminist orthodoxy, which insists that there’s something fundamentally toxic about masculinity. In my lecture, I pointed out that, historically, masculine qualities like strength, courage and tenacity have often been as beneficial to women as they have been to men.”

After his dismissal, Mr Knowland wrote a letter to the Eton community to make clear why he lost his job. In it he said schools had a legal duty to offer a balanced curriculum and added he thinks the way the school teaches masculinity ‘lacks balance’.

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