Male-Feminist Twitter Account @TakedownMRAs Exposed For Sexually Harassing / Abusing Children & Women And Practising Racial Discrimination Towards Ethnic Minorities

You may ask is the cowardly, perverted and vile Twitter account @TakedownMRAs run by a bitter overweight feminist woman or a thirsty limp d!ck simp trying to score points for clout because he lives the empty life of a socially awkward sad sack getting dopamine hits from likes and follows for the insignificant crap he posts. It’s both – it’s the weirdo guy that looks, sounds, thinks and lives like a body-positive, woke, angry, fat lady!

This faceless and cowardly little dweeb hides behind a cartoon image and lives his sh!tty little life on Twitter 24/7  for clout via shamelessly spreading lies in order to virtue signal just so he can get retweets and likes. It’s so pathetic its hilarious! The delusional rat thinks he’s actually tricking people into believing he’s making a difference in the world,  whilst it’s abundantly clear his crappy Twitter account is all about his fragile little ego and his need for acceptance due to his low self-esteem. He is a lonely and sh!tty person that doesn’t have any friends in real life, so he lives life online, whilst hopelessly people pleasing woke scumbags like himself to feel important because in reality he has no authority or power over anyone.

@TakedownMRAs says he’s a feminist – yet ruthlessly attacks, stalks, threatens and sexually harasses vulnerable women who don’t follow his dumb woke narrative.  He says the men’s rights movement is a white supremacist movement, but TakedownMRAs is an entitled, privileged, woke, white man-b!tch that constantly racially targets and attempts to bully, intimidate and slander ethnic minorities who don’t follow his garbage idiotic brain-washed political beliefs.  He is clearly a blatant white supremacist unlike the men’s rights movement which represents all races of men (and women associated with those men).
The account holder hides his identity because not only is he a wimp, but shockingly because there have been numerous online rumours that @TakedownMRAs is a child molester who is not allowed to be online due to being a registered sex offender that has molested, abused and sexually harassed countless ethnic minority underage girls and boys for over 2 decades. The online rumours suggest TakedownMRAs won’t reveal his identity because of this and will make up a million excuses to cover it up. There have been further online rumours more recently that the @TakedownMRAs account is strongly associated with child pornography. Absolutely disgusting!
The conclusion from what we have heard and seen regarding the rumours circulating about this guy and what he posts on his hateful and trash Twitter account is that; @TakedownMRAs is an abuser, a pervert, a racist and that deep down he hates women and manipulates them into liking him by pretending to be a male feminist ally. Ultimately he just wastes his pointless existence posting on twitter all day, everyday – for years upon years and no one cares!
Watch this video exposing this clown as being an outlandish liar;