Jun 15, 2019


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Maniacal Racist European Colonial Regimes Murdered Mahatma Gandhi Who Represented True Equality

These Same Systems and Regimes Birthed Modern Day Feminism Which is Used as a Brainwashing Tool Disguised as Equality, But in Reality is Disgustingly Oppressive

Mahatma Gandhi (1869- 1948) was born and raised in a Hindu caste in India. At the time of his birth, India was ruled by England. After studying to college level in India he moved to England to study Law. Following this, once he passed, he returned to India to practice law. He then accepted an offer from a Muslim Indian Law Firm to travel to South Africa to advise on a lawsuit for a year.

It was there that he experienced racial injustice by colonial Europeans, when he was thrown from 1st class on a train because he was Indian, even though he had a valid 1st class ticket. He witnessed colonial racism in India also. This resulted in him forming a political movement and, after reading various spiritual texts, he believed non-violent civil protest was the correct political stance.

He encouraged oppressed people to improve their circumstances and led peaceful protests and strikes. He was arrested 6 times in South Africa and 6 times in India, and he served various time in prison between 1908 and 1942. Gandhi returned to India in 1915 and led the movement to break from England.

In 1930, he led tens of thousands of people to the Arabian sea, where they disregarded the Law by making their own salt. Salt was used for preserving food, and Indians were prohibited from producing or selling salt independently and were forced by Law to buy expensive, heavily taxed salt from the British. Most Indians were too poor to afford it. At the march, protests broke out across India and over 60,000 were arrested, including Gandhi.

Largely because of Gandhi’s efforts, India gained independence from England in 1947. Two countries were created against Gandhi’s advice, one for Hindus and one for Muslims. Gandhi died in 1948 when a nationalist shot him for being too sympathetic to Muslims.

The UK has colonised countless countries in this manner, many of which are still in debt to the UK presently. Collecting charity for these nations is a false show of concern. The reason why many countries are poor, with starving people and crumbling economies is because of the robbery and murder committed by the UK and USA. These are also the main nations who push radical feminism disguised as equality in order to gain financially.

Read more about this great man here: https://www.history.com/topics/india/mahatma-gandhi

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