Nov 18, 2019


by: dexter


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Modern Feminism Is Destroying The Very Fabric of Civilised Society


Feminism is hatred for the successful instead of true regard for the oppressed. A system such as this is just as corrupt as chauvinism, it’s mere matter of warped opinion formulated from hatred, both systems are sexist! All value structures are a veil to gain power, feminism is dogma and ideology, much more corrupt than religion as it is the current modern virtue-signalling narrative. It strips men of their identity and it runs counter to the proper nature of human beings. It is evil as it dehumanises men attempting to reduce them to the status of a parasite with no distinction of individuality, innocent or guilt. It is the artful infliction of suffering on another.

Calling men who want to improve their dating life “potential rapists” is hate filled, exaggerated arm chair philosophising and victim identifying. Men who want to improve their relations with women, even just for casual sex, want women because they find them attractive, they like the feminine. Radical feminists hate men, they proudly label all men the enemy, they justify their existence via this blame and hate. Pity and contempt dispensing social reformer types don’t stand for women (especially if they are not feminists), as they claim, instead they just hate masculine men. They disguise their resentment and jealousy with false piety, fake sanctimony and self righteousness. This is how things work in the social justice dispensing leftist front. What do feminist’s counterparts stand for via their complaining, criticising, shaming and trying to change other’s behaviour?!

What justice means to them is that the world be filled with storms of their revenge. They wreck vengeance and abuse on all whose equals they are not, or so the perceive. They call for equality via virtue; however they secretly hide from their demons, refusing to face them and become better people because the paid is too sore, instead they choose to be tyrants and shroud themselves in false words of virtue. People who are truly motivated to make things better start with themselves first, then lead by example, they don’t attach others, they aren’t concerned with changing people. they take responsibility. They are blinded by self-deception, unhappiness, malevolence, corruption, pain and limitation. They are just too ignorant to be objective, if they had just done their research properly they would be more honest and would not communicate deceitfully via shaming tactics and accusations.

Feminist’s takes pleasure in being a victim and in well-practised martyrdom, living by the gratifying myth that they deserves better, even if the truth of the situation be damned. Maybe they don’t like their husbands, maybe they never really liked men as a whole, maybe they are taking revenge for their fathers, or mother,s or society?! Feminists should consider the faults of their own spirit before they dares to accuse others, and before they attempts to repair society. Maybe it’s not men that are at fault,  maybe it’s them – maybe they’ve fallen short off the mark.

The reason feminism uses such ridiculous comparisons is to contrast something normal unfavourably with something truly vulgar, using that unbridgeable gap as false evidence for the injustice they are attempting to show, in order to undermine their target. This is not an isolated incident, all feminazis adopt this method; thus we must rediscover the values of our culture-veiled by feminist ignorance, hidden by a feminist supremacy motive of demonising the past – rescue those values and integrate them into our own lives. Feminists needs to consult their resentment, pathological deceit and arrogance. Their resentment means two things, they are immature (they should shut up, quit whining and get on with it) and that there’s feminist tyranny afoot. Men and non-feminist women have a moral obligation to speak, the consequence of remaining silent is worse. Silence is a lie and tyranny feeds on lies! Feminism is poisonous, it aims for revenge with the wish to destroy.

Feminism follows blind impulse and short-term gain. It is narrow and selfish. Feminist’s lie to get their way. They take nothing valid into account. they are limited because of all the skeletons in their closets. They avoid responsibility. They are cowardly, shallow and wrong. They have the character of a demon, who merely transfers the curse on their head to others (men). This is the same for every feminazi in a nutshell! There is no faith, courage or sacrifice in modern feminism. There is no careful observations that presuppositions matter, they either don’t or don’t want to understand that having meaning in your life is better than having what you want by any means necessary. They don’t even know what they want, nor what they truly need!

They know nothing real about themselves. Feminists know nothing about individuals. They know nothing real about the world. They are a movie played out of focus. And they desperately waits for stories about their left-wing social justice feminist ideology to make it all make sense. They hide behind ideas that are not their own, they hide behind clichés and falsehood. Feminism has invisible rules that are designed to confuse men in order to cultivate power, this makes men act “inappropriately” because beta males in the west are given mixed messages in the media on how to act with women which go against natural male instincts and against male traits, healthy females actually find attractive.

This is outside a feminist’s scope of blurred understanding and oblivious arrogance. they are not emotionally equipped in dealing with, coping with and sharing an objective view; not because they are women, because they are bigoted idiots. Even the shows of independence and strength feminist women strive for are a replication of how males act and the roles males have always assumed. Why not still be feminine and do so, why is there an obsessive urge by feminazi’s to be masculine, it’s as if they hate feminine traits. Wanting men to be women and women to be men reveals that subconsciously they think women are weak. Nature doesn’t lie – men and women are different (physical strength, mating strategies, emotionally, physically and mentally). However saying this aloud will have one labelled a misogynist, sexist or even a rapist by bitter feminists. It takes great courage to speak up.

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